Spicy Hummus Fries

    Hummus is mixed with some chickpea flour, formed into planks, and then fried. Serve with a yogurt sauce and you can dip a dip into dip!


    • 1/2 Cup Yogurt
    • 3 Scallions (chopped)
    • 1/2 Clove Garlic (grated)
    • 1 Teaspoon Paprika
    • 1 Teaspoon Black Pepper
    • 10 Ounces Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus
    • 1.25 Cups Chickpea Flour
    • 2 Cups Water
    • Salt
    • Oil for Frying


    1. Make the yogurt sauce by mixing all the ingredients together.
    2. Microwave the water until very hot, about 3 -4 minutes. Whisk in the chickpea flour. Whisk until smooth. Microwave another minute and a half or so. Stir well. It should have thickened quite a bit. Stir in the hummus.
    3. Line a baking sheet with parchment. Put the hummus mixture onto the parchment paper and top with another parchment sheet. Spread out the mixture between the two parchment sheets until it is about 1/2 inch thick. Allow to cool in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
    4. Remove from the fridge. Peel off the top parchment sheet. Coat the top of the hummus mixture with some chickpea flour. Flip it out onto a cutting board. Peel off the other parchment sheet. Coat with chickpea flour.
    5. Cut the mixture into fries. Coat on all sides with the chickpea flour. In a frying pan, bring an inch of oil to 350. Fry the fries for about 3 minutes until browned and crispy. Remove from the oil and salt them lightly as they are drying. Be gentle with the fries as you add them to the oil because they are fragile until after they fry for a few minutes.
    6. Serve the fries with the yogurt sauce!


    This post is sponsored by Sabra Dipping Co.

    I had some chickpea fritters at a restaurant recently and I really wanted to try and make them at home.  The ones I had were more square, but I wanted to make them into a fry shape.  What was awesome about the ones I had and made them different from other types I have had before, was they were crispy on the outside and super creamy on the inside.  I was able to recreate that awesome texture contrast at home using hummus and chickpea flour.  The best part of this recipe is that you are dipping a dip into another dip.

    First whisk chickpea flour into hot water.
    Microwave it for a minute and a half and it gets real thick.
    Then stir in the hummus.  I used the supremely spicy flavor to give these fries a little kick.
    Lay the mixture out on to a baking sheet lined with parchment.  Top with another piece of parchment and spread it thin until it is about 1/2 inch thick.
    After it chills in the fridge for a few hours it is nice and thick.  Spread some chickpea flour to keep it dry.
    Then cut it into fries.  Make sure to liberally use more chickpea flour.  Treat these gently because they are somewhat fragile.  Fry them in a shallow frying pan with about 1 inch of oil until crispy.
    So good!  The dip is yogurt, green onion, garlic, and paprika.
    They look like crispy but dry fries, but when you take a bite, the creamy insides start oozing out!
    Dip a dip into a dip!
    I kept more pictures than usual because I really enjoyed them.
    If you don’t feel like making the yogurt dip, Sabra has some.
    See, I told you the inside was creamy!

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