Settlers of Catan Cupcakes

    I made Catan Cupcakes for my friends birthday because we play together all the time.


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    1. No recipe today, just use your favorite cake recipe and follow the pictures above to make it your own!


    I have twin friends who’s birthdays were last week. We have been playing Catan against each other for many years and we still play at least once a week thanks to the app. I saw these cupcakes awhile back and I have been saving them like a well timed development card for their birthday.

    I made these sized in between regular cupcakes and mini cupcakes. I used 2 ounce paper souffle cups to bake them in which was great because they could stand on their own so I could bake them all at once and they were the perfect size. Some were a little bigger than others because I over filled half of them and they dripped over the edge. It was fine because I used the smaller ones as the ocean tiles and the whole thing looked intentional!

    Food coloring to make all the different tiles.

    I topped the grey frosting with some crushed oreo to make the ore tiles. I actually added some cupcake scraps also under the frosting to make it mound up higher.

    Some gum drops and pretzels to make the trees on the lumber tiles.

    Swedish fish and some white frosting to make the brick tiles.

    And marshmallows for the sheep!

    A little cereal is great for the wheat.

    Of course you need the port trade tiles.

    Can’t forget the robber! Graham crackers as the desert, and a kit kat for the actual robber.


    After they came over we immediately wanted to play. I don’t have a physical copy at my apartment though so we didn’t get to play that night.

    So fun! Lots of colors!

    And it’s a lot of fun to see which tile people go for first. With us it was the ore because people were drawn to the oreos.

    I’m not the first person on the internet to make Catan cupcakes, but I think these came out pretty great. The 3d elements were definitely the highlight.