Sausage and Broccoli Melt

After writing an article recently about grilled cheese, and reading stories about how this grilled cheese trend is not going away anytime soon, I was craving a nice melt. I say melt because I think people are way to liberal with the term "grilled cheese". To me, a grilled cheese is just that. Bread and cheese. Maybe a condiment, pickle, or tomato. MAYBE. Once you start adding a bunch of other stuff you have a melt or pressed sandwich. Anyways, this sandwich came out awesome, but I can't say that about the article. For some reason they deleted the entire thing that I wrote and replaced it with some generic bullshit tips like "don't burn it"
Everything prepped and ready to go in the sandwich. Sausage is browned, broccoli is roasted, cheese and bread are cut. Manchego on one side, mozz on the other. Grill it up with some butter. You know the drill. Thats a good sandwich! Gooey goodness. The broccoli, sausage, and olives really played well off one another, and the 2 cheeses matched perfect.