Salmon Dill Chowder

Earlier this week I bought two great new cookbooks. I was on my way to the store after buying these books knowing I was going to cook something that night, but I was unsure of what. I flipped through Easy Gourmet, and realized that I wanted to eat just about everything in the book! Not only that, but the recipes really lived up to the theme of the book, they were all super easy but also really classy and fancy feeling! It was a cold september day so I gravitated towards the soups in the book, and the salmon dill chowder caught my eye right away. Mainly because I make a lot of soups here, but this one seemed just different enough from what I normally do that I knew it was going to be fun to make and new flavors to eat. It came out just fantastic and took almost no effort at all to put together!
Carrot and celery start off the soup. Saute them for a bit first. Stock in next then the cauliflower. After you boil the cauliflower for a bit you can add all the herbs and other flavorings. This is dill, jalapeno, scallion, and mustard. Salmon goes in at the last minute. Then potato buds to add that thick chowderness to the whole thing. This soup is fantastic and different than most soups I have made before. It tastes totally light and refreshing but also deep flavored and savory. The little hint of spice from the jalapeno and mustard really makes the dish. Add a little black pepper to really bring it home!
You guys, no need for a recipe here! Go to a bookstore and buy the book! Or go to Stephanie's website for more great recipes and beautiful photography.