Rum Ham and Scenes From a Delicious Holiday Feast

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been killing it this season. One of the first episodes of the season involved Frank walking around with a rum soaked ham so that he could eat and get drunk at the same time. I wanted to re-create this dish for an annual holiday party with some friends. It came out great, I brought it to the party, and we all got HAMmered. The party was a great time and everyone brought some awesome dishes!
Step 1: cut a hole in the top of the ham through the plastic. Step 2: pour in rum. I ended up using about half a handle of rum for this and let it soak overnight. I was also tasked with making mashed potatoes. That's a lot of potato skin! It took me almost a half hour to peel 15 lbs of potatoes. I did most of the work in a t shirt, but had to do a few last minute things in my party clothes. I am standing as far away from the stove as possible so as to not get grease on my shirt. The glaze is rum, orange, and sugar boiled down. I packed up the food and headed to the party! This appetizer was delicious lamb meatballs placed in an artichoke stump. Really tasty and totally different. These "extreme brussel sprouts" were at the party last year too.  Also at the party last year: Turducken. I made some flavored cheese blends, but this recipe isn't going to be posted for awhile so you guys have to sit tight!   It was an endless feast as more people arrived and whipped up new apps. These little filo cups are filled with brie and a spicy jam. Nothing says holidays like a clove studded orange. Floating in some boozy warm cider. A luxurious lobster chowder made a welcome appearance. A perfectly cooked turkey. This man knows how to carve a bird! A monster plate of food.   RUM HAM!!!
I soaked the ham in rum overnight. I glazed it with a glaze made from 2 cups of rum, juice of 2 oranges, and a few tablespoons of sugar boiled down to a syrupy glaze.