Rice Noodles in a Northern Thai Curry Soup

    This soup is another recipe from Pok Pok and is loaded with beef and pork and pungent savory flavors.


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    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    I told you guys I have been basically cooking through the Pok Pok cookbook for the past few months, and here is another dish I made from it recently. The recipe for this soup was a bit different than most soups I have made, in that you fill the pot with water and meat and just simmer it for a long time, adding more stuff like pastes and flavorings at different times throughout the process. Normally when I make soups there is a saute stage.

    The ribs boiling in some water.

    The curry paste goes in next. This is a ton of chiles, cilantro roots, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, and shrimp paste.

    Next, add some ground beef. Also some fish sauce, soy sauce, and yellow bean sauce.

    Finally pour the soup over rice noodles and top with some cabbage, tomato, and hard boiled eggs.

    This soup was great! Super earthy and hearty and different from any other Thai food I have had before. It had a nice kick to it too!

    Because this recipe is from a cookbook and it isn’t anywhere else on the internet, I am not going to publish it here. But if you don’t have the Pok Pok cookbook, what are you even doing with your life?