Potato Tart Weirdness

I'm not calling this one a failure. I'm not. I refuse to. I mean, we ate it, right? People went back for seconds. But I have to admit that it just wasn't right. The problem here is that I tried to cram about 5 new potato concepts that have been bouncing around in my head all into the same dish. At 7:30pm. On a Sunday. I thought I was excited to cook but about 10 minutes in I noticed that I was staring at my couch wishing I was on it. What had I gotten myself into?
At least I got to play with my sweet new food processor!!! Man, I love this thing. So one of the concepts I have been working on is a potato pie with potato as the actual crust. I thought of doing thin slices of actual potato, but at the last minute decided it would be fun to see how a gnocchi dough would fare as the crust. But why did I add yogurt? I will never know. I baked the crust off for about 15 minutes and things were actually seeming good here. Another concept that has been bouncing around my brain is mixing beans in with mashed potatoes. I like the texture of bean dips and I thought this could work well here. This plus potato makes the filling. Some tallegio on top. At this point I still thought that this was gonna be amazing. I mean, like, really amazing. And the way it looked and smelled when it came out of the oven only solidified that thought. Some of that pickled cabbage on top really added a nice crunch and brightness to the flavors.
As I said earlier, this was not exactly a failure. It tasted... fine? People liked it. People got seconds. But I knew. The flavors were almost there, but the texture was off. There was a bit of a gummyness to everything. Maybe stuff was overworked because I was a little overzealous with my new toy(foodprocessor). Maybe as the old saying goes, potato and flour do not a potato bread make. Maybe I was just to tired to make the magic happen. I tried to fit too many new ideas into a single dish. Who knows. Either way, I feel like I learned a lot and even made some soup with the same flavors a few days later which you will be reading about next week. Have a good weekend everyone! Super healthy recipes next week.