Potato Chip Cookies

My mom is single handedly holding this blog together. Every time I feel like I am a little behind on posts, I happen to be visiting my parents, and she happens to be cooking another crazy dessert. This one is packed with potato chips, so as you can imagine it's right up my salty-sweet alley. This recipe is from the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Living.
Toasted pecans add a little extra crunch and substance to the cookies. I normally am on the fence about adding nuts to brownies and cookies, but this addition was perfect. Just like a normal cookie dough... Then you dump a bag of potato chips in! Roll the balls of cookie dough in potato chips cause if there is one thing any cookie recipe needs it's MOAR POTATO CHIPS!!! Bake 'em up! These cookies were awesome! I think we all ate 2 or 3 before noon.
Check out the recipe - Martha Stewart's potato chip cookie recipe