Pear Chocolate Granola Cookies (Gluten Free Too!)

A friend of mine who happens to be gluten free is going into surgery today, so I decided to make her some cookies as a treat for before and after the operation. I went with an Alton brown recipe that had rave reviews as the cookie base, and then loaded it up with all sorts of mix-ins to help cover up any potential weirdness in texture from the lack of white flour. I don't think I needed all the mixins, because the cookie batter came out really great, but the chunky goodness only helped these cookies go from great to amazing.
I had these pears laying around for awhile and they were perfectly ripe, I knew I wanted to use them in the cookies. First I needed to dry them out. Diced with a squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt, then into the oven at 225. Every hour I stirred them and after 4 hours they were nice and dried out. Dried pears. I made the cookie mix according to the instructions. I shockingly had all the ingredients already in my pantry from the brown rice flour, to the tapioca flour, and even the xanthan gum! Then just stir in dark chocolate, the dried pears, and some granola. After the batter cools you can form these balls for baking. I made my cookies slightly smaller than Alton suggested and baked them a little less. They come out deliciously chewy with a lot of great texture. I ate more than my share of these and everyone was surprised to learn they were gluten free!
The cookie base recipe is here, and I mixed in dried pears, chocolate, and this granola.