Peach and Sausage Mini Grilled Cheeses

    Mini grilled cheese with some fresh sweet seasonal peaches, spicy italian sausage, creamy cheese and bitter arugula.


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    Tuscan Market in Salem, NH is planned to be the largest artisanal marketplace in New England. It opens in a few weeks, but I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the place this past weekend. I was inspired by the fresh veggies and crusty delicious bread I saw there (and took home) to create these tasty little sandwiches. Make these while you can, tasty peaches won’t be around much longer.

    I wanted these to be on the Italian side of the food spectrum after browsing the Italian market.
    For cheese I used some port salut for it’s creamy bitterness. It paired with the also bitter arugula to counterbalance the sweet peach and spicy sausage.

    If you don’t have a sandwich press, just do like I do and use another pot.

    These came out really good! So good that I wished that I had made a large sandwich for myself instead of little bite sized ones to share with friends.

    We actually had a little bit of honey out to dip these guys in and it was a big hit.