PB+J Funnel Cake

Round these parts we don't have funnel cake at the fair. I grew up a fried dough kid. In fact, I never even had funnel cake until I cooked it for this post. I had someone with me that confirmed that it was in fact what funnel cake was supposed to taste like. I'll tell you this much though, I'm NOT a convert. It was good and all, but fried dough is way better. Dipping it in these fun peanut butter and jelly sauces was a nice consolation though.
I mixed the peanut butter with a little milk and powdered sugar until it got to the consistency I wanted. I did the same with jelly but used water instead of milk and a hand blender to remove any lumps. It took a couple tries to get the funnel cake technique down. First try was too thin. Next try the bag I was using split and all the batter fell in at once. There was also a too thick one on the right there. Finally just the right width. After the fryer. Honestly, I did actually like this dessert, but I'm just partial to fried dough.
I just used one of the first and highest rated funnel cake recipes. As I mentioned earlier, I thinned out peanut butter and jelly with milk/powdered sugar and water/powdered sugar respectively.