Marinated Squid Taco

For some reason it has never occurred to me to marinate squid. Some of the more delicate fish can be ruined or even cooked by too stong a marinade and I always put squid into that category in my brain. Well I was completely wrong. The little guys took the flavors so well that you could even taste each component of the marinade while eating the tacos! The salt and acidity also didn't effect the texture of the squid which is what I was mostly worried about. These tacos were fresh and even energizing on a hot Sunday afternoon.
After marinating, I squeezed these onto a rope skewer. I think making them really tight on the skewer allowed me to leave them slightly longer to brown without overcooking. Cook only about 2 minutes, flip, and 2 more. Such a pretty necklace. A perfect dinner on a warm sunday afternoon. Served with raw corn and scallions, some salsa, and carrot/cabbage slaw. As I mentioned earlier, you could taste everything in the marinade! The orange juice really came through.  
There was only 4 things in the marinade. Orange Juice, Fish Sauce, Gochujang, and Sugar. I let it sit about 2 hours, the first hour in the fridge, and the second hour on the counter. Strain and grill, only a few minutes! The slaw was carrots and cabbage with a little sour cream and rice wine vinegar, The corn salsa was literally only fresh corn and scallions, salted and allowed to sit at room temp for about an hour. I also topped it with this salsa.