Make Your Own Summer Roll Party

When I hang out with this one group of friends, we have a bit of a problem where everyone has specific diet restrictions. Someone is vegetarian, another is allergic to gluten, and the third is just generally pretty picky. We have found that one of the best dinners for us all to enjoy is a make your own summer roll party. We prepare tons of fillings, and then each person dips their rice paper into some water and rolls up their own delicious creation. Here are some photos from our most recent summer roll party!
My friend Kim made these beautiful pickled radishes for the rolls. All the ingredients laid out and ready to go. We also had ingredients to make these burrito summer rolls I made a few years back. This party is lot more fun if there is variety in the ingredients choices. Have a shallow bowl of water ready so that people can dip the rice paper and get started. It's fun watching people start out shakey and they really get the hang of it as the night goes by. We even start having competitions for the best ones! This is a perfect carnitas summer roll. Sal could even roll them with his broken wrist. This looks like a colorful delicious roll. Easy stuff. Make sure you also have a variety of dipping sauces. The trick with the rice paper is to only dip it for a quick second or two. You will think it needs more time, but it will slowly soften up. I think this was towards the end of the day and people just started putting all of the ingredients into every roll. Such a fun, easy, and different dinner idea for a party, I highly suggest people to try it!