Korean Influenced BBQ Chicken

    Grilled chicken made with a BBQ sauce with Korean flavors


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    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    I had invited some friends over for a bbq but I had no idea what I was going to make. This happens sometimes but at the last minute I somehow always figure something out! I knew I wanted classic grill food and bbq chicken with potato salad was calling me. I needed to go to the asian market to grab a few items for a dish I was cooking the next day, and while I was there the flavors of this meal came together in my head. Adding kimchi to a standard potato salad really made it something special, and making a quick bbq sauce/bulgogi sauce hybrid to slather on chicken was a perfect blend of the familiar and the foreign. To round things out, a salad that was basically a vietnameese bun, sans the bun(noodles).

    The marinade and sauce. Make sure to mix this together and remove half before adding the chicken!

    So good! Tangy, sweet, and spicy, everything a bbq sauce should be.

    The chicken is all skewered up with onions.

    Before cooking, some games.

    These are chicken thighs, so low and slow on the grill is perfect. I must have cooked these for about 50 minutes, basting and flipping often to create a perfect crust.

    Sal refuses to wear shirts these days, but this being a family website, I had to photoshop one for him. Ladies, if you would like the original copies, feel free to comment and I will email them to you for private viewings.

    Low and slow! I had to keep adjusting the heat because the flame would go out.

    Developing the crust.

    We had a nice dinner table, aka the back of Sal’s truck.

    This chicken is incredible.

    The salad. Basically all the ingredients of bun, without the noodles. Iceburg, carrot, cuke, peanuts, mint, fish sauce.

    Good times and food all around. One secret I have to make things taste better is to cook slowly! This way everyone is that much hungrier and that much drunker. They will think anything is amazing.

    Nice shirt man!

    And Lorraine made cookies!


    The elements in the marinade from bulgogi were gochujang, brown sugar, sesame oil, sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. The elements in the marinade from bbq sauce were molasses, cider vinegar, cumin, and smoked paprika.