Isaan Steak Salad


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    I bought the Pok Pok cookbook over a year ago but it has taken me a long time to actually cook from it. Now that I started though, I am really on a roll. I have made 3 things already and have like 10 more bookmarked. I actually went to the Pok Pok in Brooklyn in August, and it was easily one of my best meals of 2014. I ate this dish at the restaurant and it tasted pretty identical to the one I cooked at home. It is also one of the most approachable recipes in the cookbook because the ingredients aren’t as hard to find as others. I will talk more about hard to find ingredients though when I post another recipe from the book later this week.

    One of the things that really makes this dish stand out is the toasted rice. Toasted rice powder is like the parmesan cheese of thailand.

    After you toast the rice for about an hour on low, grind it up in a spice/coffee grinder, or a mortar and pestle.

    All ground up nice.

    The beef is marinated in lemongrass, black pepper, and soy sauce.

    All throughout the book it is suggested to use key limes instead of regular limes to get a more authentic flavor. Or to spike your lime juice with meyer lemon. I did both.

    Sear up the flank steak like normal. About 5 minutes a side for a nice medium rare.

    In the same pan, add a little water to deglaze and then add the sauce ingredients. Lime juice, fish sauce, chili powder, challots, and lemongrass.

    The perfectly cooked steak.

    Finally toss the steak with the sauce and add some cilantro and mint. Top with the rice powder.

    Sour and pungent, and super satisfying. This dish is not hard to make and it is absolutely addicting. I don’t really like to post recipes from cookbooks, so if you want to make this, you gotta get the book!