Hot Pastrami Sandwich Dip

This dip strains the boundaries of what might or might not be considered a dip. I brought it to a friendsgiving this weekend and it went over pretty well. It was no turducken, but people seemed to like it anyways. I haven't revisited the sandwich-as-dip series in a while, and I thought a hot pastrami dip would be a great way to bring it back. (Soup Mondays will resume next week).
This is an easy one. Chop a couple things and mix them together. Half sour pickles and it's ready to go. I baked this right in the plate I served it in, then topped it with some mustard before putting it out. Rye bread to dip of course. I even made an amazing omelet with the leftovers this morning.
This one is pretty self explanatory. Mix chopped pastrami, swiss, and pickles in a large bowl. Place in a shallower bowl and bake at around 300 until warmed through. Top with mustard and serve.