Fried Lasagna

It seems as though they are always trying to fry something new each year at these fairs. I guess the big one this year was lasagna because multiple friends of mine asked me how I would go about frying lasagna while The Big E was in town. After suggesting a recipe to a few people, I decided to actually try it myself! It came out crazy good. Much better than just a fried ravioli.
Step one is to make your favorite lasagna recipe a day early (mine). Only make it about half as tall as you normally would - we did 4 layers. Don't put a layer of cheese on top, just a little sauce. Also make it drier than normal. How dry do you want it??? After you bake it, put it into the fridge with a few books on top of it to press it nice and compact. Here it is inverted on to the table. Cut rectangles out of the lasagna, trying not to cut it  in a way that you end up with small pieces of noodles on the outside layers. Instead of the normal flour - egg - breadcrumb order, I double dipped to make it a more resilient breading: flour - egg - flour - egg - breadcrumbs. After frying, these looked like mozzarella sticks and were just the right size to snack on. Those carney's are genius!