Easter Ice Cream with Mini Eggs and A Peep Swirl

    Ice cream loaded with Easter candy like Peeps and Mini Eggs.


    • 2 Cups Whole Milk (buy good milk!)
    • 2 Cups Heavy Cream
    • 1.25 Cups Nonfat Milk Powder
    • 1 Cup Sugar
    • 1/8th Teaspoon Xanthan Gum
    • 1 Pinch Salt
    • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla
    • 1 Cup Crushed Cadbury Mini Eggs
    • 7 Peeps


    1. Heat the milk and cream. Whisk in the milk powder, sugar, salt, and xanthan gum. Stir in vanilla and chill. Make in your ice cream maker according to the mfg instructions. Mix in the mini eggs. Allow to cool to harder further for like an hour or so. You don't want it to be fully solid, it should still be stirrable. Microwave the peeps for about 30 seconds until they get big and soft. Stir the peeps into the ice cream and allow to cool further before serving.


    I have to admit that this was my sisters idea. But the second she said it, I HAD to make it right away. I made it a few days later and it is one of the best ice creams I have ever made. The peep swirl adds such a fun and unique element. There is a nice chewy marshmallow texture when it is fully frozen. This ice cream is so festive and delicious! I am working on a new ice cream project called Snoflaek that I am going to be promoting a ton in about a month or so, but if you want to start following along, you can check it out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Milk and cream are warmed up, and milk powder, sugar, and xanthan gum are mixed in.

    You can do this in your ice cream maker, but I used liquid nitrogen. Cause I am cool like that.

    I feel like some sort of witch every time I make liquid nitrogen ice cream.

    I find something beautiful about broken eggs and broken candy eggs are no different. I have been posting lots of broken egg photos on my snapchat (tfimb). I’m plugging stuff like crazy today.

    I used a potato masher to crush these and it worked really well.

    Stir the eggs right in and then leave the mixture in the freezer to harden a bit.

    Microwave the peeps for 30 seconds until then get really big and are super soft.

    Then just stir them into the ice cream. Make sure you spread it out nice to form the swirl but make sure not to over-mix it until it disappears.

    Oh yea, so good! I topped it with more peeps and mini eggs, but you don’t need it. The ice cream tastes great on it’s own!

    Chewy sweet peeps, with crunchy creamy mini eggs.

    Make this for your Easter Sunday dessert and you won’t regret it!