Cleaning out the Kitchen: Chicken Artichoke Egg Noodles

I sure have a lot of crap in my cabinets and freezer. This was the first clean out the kitchen meal where I didn't even buy one thing. I wasn't even going to cook, but I got hungry and started poking around for food. An unopened jar of marinated artichokes, a bag of egg noodles, some chicken thighs in the freezer, and a carton of cream I bought a month ago that was still good. The ingredients pretty much wrote the recipe for me.
I cooked off about 3 strips of bacon, set it aside, then browned the chicken in the bacon fat. I hadn't really thought much further than that step, but I needed to deglaze the pan so I just dumped in the rest of the beer I had been drinking, about half a can. The artichokes went in next with all the juice from the jar. Then I added some peppers and let it simmer about 12 minutes, stirring and flipping occasionally. I added some oregano (I had fresh but dried works too), lots of black pepper, and cream and cooked another few minutes. Then I started breaking up the chicken and bigger artichoke pieces. By now I had cooked the noodles so I strained them, added some butter to the sauce, and dumped it on top of the noodles. Mix well and add the bacon back in. Pretty tasty! It was also nice because it felt like a free meal. It was a little fatty with all the bacon, cream and butter, but it was pretty comforting after a long day! I don't normally cook like this, letting the flavor in the jar of artichokes do most of the work for me, but it did feel good to pull a delicious dish together with such minimal effort. I didn't even use the cutting board!