Chip and Dip Grilled Corn

    Grilled corn brushed with onion dip and topped with crushed up potato chips and chives.


    • 6 ears Corn cut into 3 or 3 segments
    • 1 cup onion dip (store bought or linked above)
    • 1 bag Potato Chips crushed up
    • 2 teaspons Chopped Chives


    1. grill corn to char
    2. Brush corn with onion dip on all sides
    3. Roll corn in crushed chips
    4. Top with chives and serve.


    I wanted to think of something new to brush on to grilled corn, and I came up with the idea of using onion dip. You could definitely use store bought onion dip for this, but I used my favorite onion dip recipe. After brushing on the dip, I realized the perfect thing to top it with was crushed up chips! Scroll down and you can watch the video of me making the recipe.

    Mixing up the onion dip with lots of caramelized onions.

    Get a nice char on the grill.

    Then brush on the dip.

    And roll it in the chips!

    So easy, so delicious!

    My homemade onion dip recipe is here.