Chimi-Turkey Apres-Ski

    A bright and herby chimichurri is a great topping for a juicy turkey and perfect for after a long day on the mountain.


    No ingredients could be found for this recipe.


    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    I’m sitting at home right now, out sick from work. That’s why the post is a bit late. Bittman was on the today show so that’s kinda cool. I’m probably sick from partying and running around New England for the past 2 weeks, but that’s another story.

    One of the things I was doing those past 2 weeks was snowboarding in Vermont. My friend Steph got a turkey from her job in early December and never had a chance to use it over the holidays so she brought it to the condo. Everyone seemed kind of skeptical about eating it because they were sick of holiday turkey and flavors. “No mash” was one request. People pretty much said they wanted it to taste like “not Thanksgiving.” I decided to make a chimichurri sauce and cornbread to go with it. Originally I was also going to make hassleback potatoes that I’ve been seeing on food network lately but we had very limited oven space so last minute I reverted to a simple bacon and potato hash.

    This was a brine I made to soak the turkey in overnight. I have never brined a turkey and wanted to try it. This is just a gallon of water with a cup of salt, half cup of sugar, and a few cups of chicken stock and peppercorns. I brought it to a boil, then cooled it for a few hours. Then I put the turkey into a plastic bag and poured the brine over it. We went to bed and then all headed to the mountain in the morning.
    At lunch we came back to have some food.

    They all went back to the mountain after eating, but I stuck around to start prepping dinner (but first take a quick nap).

    I took this picture when they were all gone. Not bad huh?.

    Everyone got home and wanted to help out. Rich cut up some potatoes.

    Mike helped by making gangsta faces.

    I used garlic, a lot of parsley, and a smaller amount of cilantro and oregano in the chimichurri.

    The turkey is looking nice and brown.

    Rich and I are making some cornbread. I made this before on the site, the recipe is here but with fresh onion and jalapeno, instead of canned and dry.

    For the bacon and potato hash, toss the potatoes with a little salt, pepper and flour…

    Then add them into the hot pan with the cooked bacon and bacon fat.

    The turkey was ready early so I snuck drumstick.

    Make sure you stir up that hash good…

    Whoops I stirred too hard.

    Rich, what are you doing in this picture? Have you had it up to here waiting for the food to be ready? or are you saluting.


    Sorry, it’s gonna be a little longer.

    Mike needs to inspect everything as it is being made to make sure he agrees with what’s going on.

    I guess I passed the test?

    Happy Faces.

    Happy “Not Thanksgiving” Everyone.


    Bring gallon of water with cup of salt, half cup sugar, chicken stock and peppercorns to a boil. Let cool to room temp. Brine turkey in this mixture overnight in fridge. 1 hour before cooking remove from liquid and put on the counter. Pat dry. Preheat oven to 500. Cook for 30 minutes. Lower oven to 350 and cook until finished. I pulled it out at 150 degrees and the carryover brought it to over 160.

    Corn bread



    Chop bacon, heat on high until almost cooked. Cut potatoes salt and pepper and lightly dust in flour. Add potatoes to bacon pot, cook 5 minutes, add diced onions, cook until potatoes are tender and there is some crunchy crusties.