Cheesesteak Gougeres

Whew, sorry I disappeared for a little there guys! I had a bit of a broken computer issue that I was hoping to take care of quickly myself, but instead I ended up with a totally dead machine on the night before having to work long hours for 4 days followed by being on the road for the holidays. I decided just to give up and get a new computer upon my return, so here we are! Luckily I have everything backed up so there was nothing to worry about, and I probably needed a new computer anyways. Enough non-food talk though. It's New Years Eve tomorrow and you guys came here because you want to know what to bring. As always, I am here to the rescue with these amazing gougeres. You all know gougeres right? The pastry dough that puffs up when you bake it? Commonly used for eclairs? I made a savory version of this pastry that is loaded with provolone, and stuffed it with a crazy delicious cheesesteak mixture. They came out almost perfect, the only thing I would have changed was making them a little smaller next time.
I just love making cheesesteaks, in fact a few recipes in the book use it as a filling! You should probably buy it. Good old cheese wiz gets mixed into the onion, meat, and peppers. I am normally not a wiz guy, but it is traditional in Philly, and it works for this recipe because of its liquid nature. Meanwhile, make the gougeres. This kind of dough gets cooked for a few minutes in a saucepan before mixing in a few more ingredients. Cheese being one of them! All puffed up and delicious. As I mentioned earlier, I would suggest making them a bit smaller for the appetizer crowd. Then in goes the filling! Yup, pretty good! I sometimes wonder if I will ever run out of new ways to make cheesesteak flavors, but I sure will never stop trying!
I used this recipe for the dough, swapping out gruyere for sharp provolone.

Cheesesteak Gougeres

For:  20 Large Gougeres

  • 1.5 Pounds Sirloin Tips
  • 2 Large Onions Diced
  • Banana Peppers
  • Butter
  • 1 Cup Cheese Wiz


  1. For the steak, I bought about a pound and a half or sirloin tips and chopped it nice and small. I normally would do thin strips for cheesesteak, but instead this meat has to be pipe-able, so I just cut it up really small. Meanwhile, brown 2 diced large onions in some butter for about 45 minutes until they have lost most of their volume and are very brown. Dice up some banana peppers. Sear the steak on a flat grill or in a hot frying pan until browned and then turn the heat to low. Mix in the onion and pepper and pour the mixture into a mixing bowl. Stir in about a cup of cheese wiz to form the final mixture. Add a little more if it doesn't feel liquid enough. After you bake off the gougeres from the linked recipe above, form a small hole on one end and pipe the cheesesteak mixture into them. You might need to microwave the cheesesteak mixture if it has cooled too much. Serve warm!