Calamari Dog

    A hot dog topped with fried calamari and banana peppers.


    • 2 Hot Dogs
    • 2 Hot dog buns
    • 2 Calamari hoods
    • 4 Calamari tentacles
    • 8 Banana Pepper Rings
    • 1 Cup Rice Flour
    • Oil for Frying


    1. Slice the calamari hoods into rings. Cut the tentacles in half if they are big. Toss the calamari and banana peppers in the rice flour with a pinch of salt. Shake it out so that the coating is very light. Fry at 400 for about a minute and a half. Remove from oil and allow to dry on a rack or paper towel. Salt it while it is still hot.
    2. Meanwhile cook the bun and hot dog in some butter to brown. Put the dog into the bun, top with the calamari, and squeeze on some mustard and sriracha. Serve!


    You may have noticed that all my recipes are just what I happen to be craving at any given time. I often dont even know what I am going to make and end up at the grocery store just thinking, if I could eat anything in the world right now, what would it be? Usually there are a couple different cravings going on at once, and that’s how I end up with some of the more unique stuff I make. This time of the year I always want to be eating a hot dog. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw all the lobster rolls I was eating last week, so I had seafood in a hot dog bun on my mind as well. I combined the two ideas and ended up with this fantastic sandwich!

    Cut the calamari up into rings and bite sized tentacles.
    Then just toss it in some rice flour.  It’s that easy!  I like a nice thin coating for calamari and I think this is the best way to achieve that. Mix in some banana pepper rings too!
    I had trouble not eating all of these immediately.
    Butter and toast the roll.  Split top of course!
    Get the dog in and open the bun nice and wide.
    Top with sriracha and mustard!  NOT KETCHUP! Never ketchup.
    Crispy from the calamari and the toasted bun, and nice and salty from the dog.  A little sour kick from the banana pepper too.  Tangy mustard and sriracha finish it off a perfect flavor profile.
    I only made one of these and it was a really sad thing for me.  I could have eaten 7.