Bulgogi Mac and Cheese

You may think that Korean flavors clash with cheese and pasta, but if you choose the right cheeses they go really well together. For this mac and cheese I used a creamy mild mix of colby and muenster cheeses to create a perfect backdrop for the bold, savory and stringent flavors of bulgogi and kimchi. Go ahead and bake this in a casserole, but if you have the Korean stone pots known as Dolsot it makes for a dramatic presentation sure to make your guests mouths water.
Garlic, ginger, onion, pear, and chile flake in the food processor to make the marinade. Meanwhile, grate the cheeses. I used nice mild and creamy cheeses colby and munster. Cheeseeeeeeeeee. Meat is marinaded, time to cook! Sear the meat in batches on very high heat. The beautiful cheese sauce. A little chopped kimchi goes into the sauce with the bulgogi. Just stir them in. Finally the pasta is in as well and we can bake this madness. I baked mine in these awesome Korean stone pots known as Dolsot, but it works just fine in a cassarole too. A little extra kimchi on top adds some freshness to the deep flavors in this recipe. This was a really unique flavor combination that I wasn't sure would work, but it came out really great!
This recipe is sponsored by Wisconsin Cheese and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. You can find this recipe for Bulgogi Mac and Cheese on their All Things Mac and Cheese Website!

Bulgogi Mac and Cheese

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