Buffalo Chicken Ravioli with Blue Cheese Sauce

    Fresh ravioli stuffed with a spicy tangy buffalo chicken mixture and coated with a creamy blue cheese sauce.


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    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    Kim and I went to the Sleigh Bells show in Boston last week. Since Sleigh Bells is a super intense band, we needed an intense meal to eat before hand! Kim and her sister (my roommate) are big buffalo chicken fans, so I always find myself re-hashing the buffalo flavors into different meals for them. I feel like I could do this forever! No big deal, they all come out awesome. The funny thing is, I got the idea for these when I ate them at a fast food pasta place that has a few locations in the Boston area. They were ok, but annoyed me because the buffalo flavor was just strewn about the plate, inside and outside of the ravioli. Why even bother with ravioli at that point? Just make buffalo chicken pasta. My version hides all the buffalo goodness inside the ravioli, and leaves the blue cheese on the outside.

    One of the defining elements of good buffalo chicken to me is the skin. Making these ravioli, I made sure to crisp the skin on the chicken thighs and use some of it in the ravioli filling, I probably used the skin from about 2 out of 6 thighs and diced it up really small.

    The filling.

    I still haven’t moved my pasta roller because I am in a temporary apartment, so I had to roll this thing out by hand.

    Throwing the sauce together.

    I like to grossly over-flour pasta when I make it, unless it is going into soup. This is the easy way to prevent it from sticking and from the wet ravioli filling seeping through the dough.

    After the ravs boiled, put them right into the sauce for a minute to soak in the goodness. I was very happy none broke during this process because my whole thing with this meal was keeping the redness inside the ravioli! One break and the whole sauce would be tainted.


    But where is the buffalo part?

    Ah yes, there it is.

    Enjoying the meal. We left and got into the bar just in time to see the band, and they rocked pretty hard! My only complaint was that my ears didn’t bleed. I was hoping to look like that kid from Jurassic Park who touched the electric fence when I left that show.

    Wanna hear some Sleigh Bells? Here is “Crown on the Ground” Don’t adjust your speakers, they aren’t broken. That’s just how it sounds.



    Shredded chicken thighs with a little of the crispy skin added. Butter and cayenne sauce makes it buffalo. Diced celery and carrots add some texture and more buffalo feeling.

    Pasta Dough

    Sauce is cream and blue cheese crumbles. So easy.