Boozy Cherry Pizza

    A Pizza topped with vodka soaked cherries and some savory salami


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    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    I was inspired by a recent event I went to at Salvatore’s to make these pizzas. The only problem is that after 10pm, these pizzas are only 3 dollars. 3 bucks! It took me a lot more time, money, and effort to make these, but I am staying outside the city for a few months, so popping in for late night pizzas is sort of out of the question. The real surprise that night was the vignola cherry pizza. Dried cherries soaked in booze and placed on a pizza with mozzarella, prosciutto, and honey. So good that you need to be of age-to order it!

    The dried cherries soak in raspberry flavored vodka. Not sure why this combo, but it works!

    The cherries on the pizza with the sliced prosciutto.

    A quick drizzle of honey to finish it off.

    Best pizza I’ve had in a while!

    I also made this one that was inspired by a few different pizzas I had that night. A little more of a standard pizza, this one has sopressata, goat cheese, and a little honey again. I guess putting honey on pizza was the biggest takeaway from that night.

    A pizza that featured the leftover chilli from the other day was a fun little tangent.

    And finally the classic margarita.

    For more info on pizza making or dough, you can check out some older posts of mine.
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