Beer Cheese Soup in a Pretzel Bowl

I wanted to make these pretzel bowls for awhile, but the first time I tried it was a total disaster. I tried to make a lattice bowl, but the whole thing totally fell apart. I put some soup in it, and the soup just drained right out of the bowl. For the second try, I made a thin piece of dough to stick the pretzel to and it really held everything together in the water bath and oven.  They came out so awesome and were perfect to serve this cheesy soup in!  They would also be great for a cheddar broccoli soup or any cheesy soup really.
Make some real thin dough ropes, and also roll out a few flat rounds. Then spiral the ropes on to the rounds very tight. Press the spirals down very tightly so the whole thing stays together in the boiling water.. Perfect. Drop it in the water for about 2 minutes flipping once during the boil. Then press it on to an oven safe ramikin that is about the right size. After baking they look amazing. Now lets talk about the soup. These are the main veggie ingredients. Cook them down and then add othe garlic. Next add some flour for the roux. Beer, stock, cauliflower, and some water fill up the pot, then after it comes to a boil the cheese goes in. Stick the blender in and make it nice and smooth. I mean, what can I say, this cmbo is amazing, It's like getting a pretzel with cheese dip, but the dip is INSIDE THE PRETZEL. A perfect meal for a cold winter night. Or a perfect meal for watching a game with friends.
I used this recipe for the pretzels, but followed the procedure from above. For the soup, I first sauteed a bunch of onion, carrot, celery, and jalapeno for about 10 minutes and then added flour and garlic and cooked another 3 minutes. I added equal parts of beer, stock and water, brought it to a boil, then removed from heat and added cheese, worcestershire, hot sauce, and mustard. I'm not giving you guys an exact recipe right now because the soup I made was good but it wasn't crazy amazing so you should probably just google beer cheese soup and find the best one that suits your personal tastes instead of using my recipe. I think my main problem was that I used 2 whole bottles of a floral IPA and it just got bitter after it cooked a bit.  Don't get me wrong, it was good, but there are better recipes out there.