Beef and Onion Soup

    Adding beef and beans to french onion soup make it a more substantial meal.


    • 1.5 Pounds Shaved Steak
    • 7 Onions (different varieties)
    • 2 Cans Small White Beans
    • 2 Boxes Beef Stock (32oz each)
    • 1 Tablespoon Oregano or Thyme
    • Red Vinegar
    • Provolone or Gruyere
    • Italian Bread


    1. Slice the onions first. Now get the pot really hot and add in the beef. Brown it, then remove it from the pot.
    2. Add in the onions. This part takes awhile and you kinda need to watch it. Cook the onions on a high heat stirring fairly often and scraping the bottom of the pot to prevent too much sticking. Add your herbs and be sure to season with salt and pepper.
    3. After about 20 minutes the onions should be reduced to about ¼ of the original bulk and be nicely browned. Pour in the stock, and return the beef to the pot.
    4. Strain and rinse the beans and add them in. Add about a ¼ cup of vinegar. Taste the broth and adjust seasonings (salt, pepper, vinegar, herbs) as needed. Simmer about 15 minutes.
    5. Pour into oven safe bowls and top with a slice of bread and some cheese and broil to melt and lightly brown the cheese.


    French onion soup is any self respecting bro’s app of choice at their local chain steakhouse. I wanted to make a soup for bro week because one of the reasons I decided to do this week in the first place was my friend asking for an easy soup recipe to cook for his sick girlfriend. But french onion soup isn’t really a meal now is it? I added some beans and beef to make it a bit more substantial.

    I think I have made a few recipes that have more ingredients than all of bro week so far.

    Bro! you need to slice 7 onions for this one. You know how to do it right?

    Brown the meat, then remove it from the pan.

    Onions go in and get browned up too.

    Followed by beef stock, beef, and beans.

    When it’s all done, pour it into some oven safe dishes.

    Top with bread and cheese and toss it under the broiler.


    This was really good and everyone loved it!

    This is the most involved recipe so far on bro week, but it mostly has to do with stirring and browning the onions. It still has minimal ingredients and is pretty easy to make.

    This is the end of the easy weeknight meal section of bro week. Tomorrow we will make an impressive date meal you can cook for your bro-ette (is that a thing?) and Friday I have a great dish you can make for a crowd!

    This recipe makes a large pot of soup that will easily serve 6 people, or 4 people with some nice leftovers. I used shaved steak that is sold in many grocery stores and is commonly used to make cheesesteaks. Not the frozen boxed processed kind, but the fresh stuff sold by the rest of the meats. If you can’t find this at your store, you can grab one of many types of meat and slice it thin yourself, or even ask the butcher to slice it for you. (chuck, sirloin, or ribeye would all work just fine.)