Bananacado Smoothie

Seems like cleanses are soooo trendy this year. Well guess what, I'm so cool I was cleansing BEFORE it got famous. Jus sayin'. But I never really call it that. I just try and be overly healthy in January and February to start off my year right and kill some of my less desirable cravings. This involves going almost vegan and gluten free for a couple weeks, just to jump start things. This week, I will be posting some of the things I have been eating so far. This first one is a quick breakfast smoothie inspired by this post from endless simmer.
Not much to this one, some ice, banana, avocado, lime juice, and flax seed in the blender. You could do some yogurt or milk in here if you wanted. Thats it. I really liked this drink, I made it 3 mornings in a row!
This isn't my first time making an avocado drink. For a boozy fun version, check out this super old post. Stay tuned all week for more healthy stuff, and much more bananas and avocados.