Mini empanadas made from arepa dough. I made these because I had some arepa flour lying around, so I thought why not? The results came out different than I expected. Super crispy on the outside almost to the point of tortilla chips, and fluffy pilowey arepa goodness on the inside. If you sold these at a fair or amusement park, you would be rich. (If you get rich off this idea, all I ask for is a few hundred bucks and free arepanadas for life)
First mix your arepa dough. The directions are on the package! As long as you get pre-cooked corn flour, you should be fine. I like the brand Harina P.A.N. Stuff your arepanadas with any filling you like. I did some bbq chicken because I had it in the fridge. Shallow fry until all sides are golden delicious. Serve! I cut them open to serve because the shell was super crunchy. Add a spoon of guac to your halved arepanadas and you have a perfect bite!