Aloo Gobi Pizza

My friend Rich recently got himself a pizza stone and peel, and despite having been to several of my pizza parties, he needed a little help for his inaugural pizza cooking experiment. I am always glad to help out in such occasions, and I even brought a new pizza variety for us to try out. One time I tried to make an Indian pizza on fresh naan, and it was a horrific failure that scarred me for a long time and prevented me from trying Indian pizzas again. I stabbed someone you guys! A few years later however, this pizza came together simply, easily, and deliciously!

For the sauce on this pizza, I mixed a standard homemade pizza sauce with a few spoons of yogurt and a tablespoon of fresh ground curry powder.

I chopped up potatoes and cauliflower, and roasted them with a little butter and curry powder until almost at my desired level of tenderness. I put the potatoes in for about 10 minutes by themselves, then added the cauliflower and went almost 10 more.

The pizza came out browned and bubbly.

The post baking addition really makes the pizza though. Equal parts cilantro and scallions.

Really really good pizza.

I think my fear of Indian pizza is gone!

I may have put too many final images here... but I really liked this pizza and I couldn't decide which to delete, so deal with it!

I always suggest people to use the 101 cookbooks pizza dough recipe. I follow it pretty closely, with a few tweaks that can only be learned from experience and also depend on the specifics of how the pizza will be cooked and how hot the oven will be.

Other than that, it's just a matter of roasting the veggies and mixing some curry and yogurt into the sauce.

If anyone else needs help with pizza and lives in the Boston area, the Dr. is on call.