Almond Horns

My Mom recently told me she was intrigued by an almond cookie called an almond horn that she tasted on a trip to New York. She wanted to try and recreate the cookie, and luckily I was around to document the event. These cookies came out great. Chewy, crisp, and filled with that delicious toasted almond flavor. The only downside was they were pretty pricey to make. We all know almond is expensive, and these cookies are basically all almond paste with little filler.
Start with some coarsly ground almonds. Really guys, no filler. Almond paste and sugar in with the ground almonds. After you process it a bit and add an egg white and some almond extract, it becomes nice and smooth. Just form your little horseshoes and bake. They don't look all that different after they come out of the oven. My sister was happy to model for the face stuffing shot. Oh yea, dip the ends in chocolate. Yum.
She used the serious eats recipe and found that it was just as good as the cookies she had in New York. She used almond paste instead of marzipan, but they are interchangeable.