Quick Pickles

The other day, my friend Amy emailed me asking for a recipe for some delicious pickles we had eaten at my place in Bermuda a few years back. Hmm, let me just find it in my archives to give you the recipe. Nope! Not there. This was a pre-website recipe. I didn’t think i had any more of those left! This isn’t really a recipe so much as it is throw a bunch of stuff from your fridge and pantry into a jar and eat something delicious the next day. I like it because you get the flavor of pickling without the scary botulism of canning and jarring! (someone might yell at me for that one, I’m mostly kidding!)

I think that sliced cucumbers have to be the most ascetically pleasing thing for my eyes. I can stare at them all day.

Salted and left to sit for 45 minutes.

I added garlic, ginger, jalapeno, shallot, coriander, salt, and pepper. On the stove is vinegar mixed with cider vinegar and some brown sugar. Dump when it comes to a boil.

Yum. The next day.  These had a slight Asian flair from the combo of ginger, coriander, and brown sugar.

Really good and they had a nice kick from the jalapeno. Tasty on their own, but these pickles aren’t through with their journey…


  1. These look great, i have been wanting to try some pickling. Does anyone know if you should rinse or leave the salt on the cucumbers after the 45 minutes?

  2. Hey someone where are the recipes? I have found several that I want and it shows steps, but no amounts for the ingredients! Please, please, please, get the recipes out there, I have a husband biting at the bullet for them. Especiall “Fried Pickles”.

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