Pizza Party!

Last Friday, we had a few people over for a pizza
party. We made 9 different pizza varieties
and fun was had by all. In a month or
so, I will be doing a real pizza post, detailing the cooking process, dough,
and toppings. For now, I leave you with
what the kids call “food porn ” complete with the pizza upskirt.

I also left the pictures a
bit bigger then usual because I was using a nice camera

This is the buffalo
chicken pizza with blue cheese and celery on my home made brick oven/grill

This is what is called the pizza upskirt. People want to see the charring

This one looks burnt but I think it was one of the best tasting
ones of the night.
It might be just bad

This is Mandi’s special pizziola apron.

This is the cheese steak pizza

Enjoying the beautiful night

This is a BLT pizza waiting for its lettuce

I’m going to say Mandi meant to make it in this shape. Its “rustic”

She had a lot to say


  1. You better watch your back Whalen! Next time I come for you I’am gonna want some Pizza. Buffalo Chicken Pizza!

  2. People from work were staring over my desk and started to drool on my shoulder.
    It seems like you have started to perfect your process here, I can’t wait to enjoy a bite. Is there such a thing call the “Bermuda Pizza”? If not, you should make one up, and pitch it to those on the island. Mmm.

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