Pasta Rolls

More from the party this weekend. My first post ever on this blog was lasagna rolls with striped pasta. It was delicious, but the main problem was you couldn’t see the stripes on the pasta because of all the red sauce covering everything! I wanted to make these again, but refine them to make everything look nicer, not fall apart, and hopefully be even more delicious! I took a page from the sushi creation manual, rolling the pasta up into a long cigar and then slicing it into slightly-larger-than-bite-sized rolls. The final result came out awesome, the only problem was that people thought the red pasta was some sort of cured pork product like prociutto or salami and felt ripped off when they found out it wasn’t!  Either way, the flavor and texture on these was really interesting (in a good way) and the pasta took on a unique doughy texture. 

Making all the pasta. I like to use beets to color pasta dough because I feel like it gives the best color(without using dumb food coloring). I just microplane the beet into the pasta mix.

All rolled out. I went to the 3rd thinnest setting on the pasta roller. It’s a bit thicker than most pastas.

Fuse these together with a little bit of water and roll it smooth with a rolling pin.

I cut them to make it nice and square.

All the pasta squares ready to go.

After boiling this for about 3 minutes, it is a little undercooked and ready to be rolled. It is a bit tricky to get this out of the water without ripping, but I figured out a good method after the first one. Basically a really wide strainer and patience. Spread your ricotta and put in some broccoli rabe.

Make sure to roll it real tight.

Lookin gooood.

I just sliced it every inch or so to make the rolls.

I added a bit of stock to the pan and some cheese on top. Baked about 25 minutes at 375.

Friends were hangin, and I was running a little behind! Good thing my friends are chill people.  They don’t LOOK chill though with all the crossed arms!

John is what you might call an attention whore, and I think he knew that if he posed with the bloggers, he would get his picture on the internet. The bloggers by the way are Lara from Good Cook Doris, and Bianca from Confessions of a Chocoholic.

Explaining the food to curious onlookers.

I snapped someones plate as they walked by. Lots of meat!

Everyone having a good time laughing and eating. I didn’t bother with a table setup like at my last party.

The classy shot doesn’t have sauce…

But you should really have extra when you eat these because they taste great dipped in it.

Thanks everyone for coming! It was a great night. As for the REASON for the party? Well you will have to come back tomorrow to find that out!

Recipes for things at the party:




(sans the ground beef)

Fresh Pasta

Roasted Garlic No Knead Bread


  1. Hi, it recently came to my attention that your blog content was being stolen by the site Mine was being stolen as well and so I contacted the owner and demanded that he take it down. He responded to me and basically made a lot of excuses as to why he was doing what he was doing. Anyway, I plan on demanding that he remove my material from his site and was wondering if you would like me to demand the same for you. You can email me a response at [email protected]. Thanks!

  2. Nick –
    Didn’t think you would want to fly in from the mountains for this. Tell ya what. Come to Boston, and I will have a party when you are here.

  3. i dont know you, but I want to be your friend and come to your cool parties and eat your food 🙂 looks good! i really admire your creativity 🙂
    and just a question to Joanne up there…how is the content being stolen if everything he’s put up links directly back to the original site (or at least, it does when i click it!) credit is clearly being given?

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