Post Beach BBQ

This is probably our favorite after beach BBQ.  We make it after a long day of beach when you
need something hearty and flavorful, yet light and summery at the same time.  My parents were down visiting and we had just
gotten back from a long day at the beach. Click below for more

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Pork Belly Macaroni and Cheese!

Mandi and I had been wanting to make mac and cheese for a
week or 2.  We knew we didn’t want to go
out on the weekend but rather keep it low key so we decided to make the macaroni
and cheese on Friday night and watch the top chef I had downloaded.  On Thursday while shopping for tacos, I was
minding my own business in the store when what did I see but a pack of
beautiful slabs of pork belly!  This is a
rare find in Bermuda so I snatched it up without
even thinking of what we would do with it. 
After brainstorming for a bit, we decided to incorporate it into the mac
and cheese we had been craving.  We decided
that a BBQ Sauce flavor would help bring the pork belly and mac and cheese
together as one.  It is hard for me to do
this post today because now I am craving this again! It was one of the best
things we have made in a very long time and now im starving for a huge scoop of
pork belly mac and cheese! Click below, you will be glad you did

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Tuna With Pesto

Since there was a public outcry after my last healthy post (apparently
2 slices of bacon makes you a fatty) I decided to post another one today.  Sometimes when I am trying to be healthy, I
ruin it because I crave pasta all the time. 
I generally do not like whole wheat and whole grain pastas.  For some reason however, when I put a pesto
on a whole grain pasta, I really enjoy it.

This recipe is a combination of Giada’s Swordfish and
Spaghetti with Citrus Pesto
, Heidi’s Pesto techniques, and some tweaks of our
own (putting the citrus in the fish instead of the pasta, using whole grain
pasta, fish selections).  I find it
important to cite my sources so that I don’t pull a Cindy McCain.  I’m so Topical!

Click below for the recipe and pictures.

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Arugula Salad

We had a pizza party last weekend and we had a ton of
leftovers.  We used them in a variety of
ways, one being this salad.  We had the arugula
leftover because we had planned a salami arugula pizza but people got full and
we cancelled that one.  The only thing we
ended up buying for this salad was the fennel.

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Mandi loves cheesesteaks. 
She has been dying to share her recipe and process here with everyone.  So much so, that we needed to take pictures 3
SEPARATE TIMES in order to get them perfectly right!  That was fine with me because they are so
delicious that I don’t mind eating them multiple nights in a week. Click below for more!

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Authentic Tacos

On Friday I posted my usual tacos that Mandi and I make most
Thursdays.  This past week however, we
were trying to be healthy.  We still
wanted tacos, so we decided to make a more authentic Mexican version of tacos
from the cookbook “Authentic Mexican” by Rick Bayless.  I’ve had this book for a few months and we
had yet to make anything from it, seeing him on top chef last week prompted me
to finally open it up.  While what we
made isn’t healthy, it is better then the tacos we usually make, and since it
was different, we would be more conscious of not stuffing ourselves.  It turned out really great and I think if we
made it one or 2 more times it would be even better with a bit more kick in the
sauce. Click below to continue. 

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Tacos.  Almost every
week since college I have eaten tacos on Thursday night.  At one time it was much simpler.  Taco kit, jar of salsa, bag of cheese, some
pre washed/cut lettuce, and call it a day. 
As the years went by, we swapped out the pre made ingredients one by one
to get where we are today. Trade a jar of salsa to bought fresh salsa to
actually making salsa.  Go from the taco
seasoning packet, to half the packet and some of your own spices, to fully using
your own blend.  This obviously is a very
American version of tacos, tune in Monday and I will post a more authentic Mexican
version of tacos we actually made last night!

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Cookin’ Up Some Quack

Today I have a guest post from the design team.  Rich and Kim had a few friends over Rich and
Mike’s apartment and served them a delicious looking duck dinner.  When a bunch of friends get together like
this, it makes me wish I could be back in Boston
hanging out with them.  But in a few
weeks, I will be making them jealous with weekly beach trips so it isn’t so
bad.  Rich’s comments will be in green,
and I might make a few in black.

“Cookin’ Up Some Quack”

Kim, Mike, Steph, Alex, Amy, and I were the 6 party people
on Friday…  good thing there weren’t any more people than that, even
though I invited 5 other people who couldn’t come.  The amount of food
ended up literally being just enough and there was only 1 piece of Duck left

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I sneak a, Chicken Tikka, Masala at a gala event

Oh chicken tikka, like spaghetti with meatballs and general Tso
before you, you have no cultural reference. 
The California
roll of Indian cuisine.  Created by an Indian
expat in Britain
to help western palates adapt to Middle Eastern flavors, Chicken Tikka Masala
is the most popular “Indian” food around. 
Since we hadn’t cooked Indian before, we thought it would be a good
starting point.  We didn’t have much time
to cook that night, but this recipe seemed so simple, what I had overlooked was
resting and marinating times.  Because of
this, our final product was slightly on the bland side but still really
delicious. Click below for more

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Pad Thai – REVENGE

We had revenge on pad thai this past weekend.  I didn’t take as many pictures this time
because we had so many good ones last time. 
Also because once you get going with this dish in the wok,  you need to be focused and keep the
ingredients coming.  If you are serious
about trying pad thai, check out chez pim and read her page on it.  It may seem long, but you need to read
through it to get the idea of how to make this dish really great. 

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Pizza Party!

Last Friday, we had a few people over for a pizza party. We made 9 different pizza varieties and fun was had by all. In a month or so, I will be doing a real pizza post, detailing the cooking process, dough, and toppings. For now, I leave you with a few pictures of what the kids call “food porn” complete with the pizza upskirt.

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