Servin MC’s on a platter like a Baked Alaskan

I wanted to do this recipe after the Beastie Boys post because that is one of the funnier food lines by them, and also because of the Adrock / Sara Moulton connection. Unfortunately, I should have tried Pannenkoeken instead because Mandi and I found out we aren’t the biggest meringue fans. I thought I was eating an egg white omelet filled with ice cream and brownies. However, the idea was pretty awesome and I think I will revisit this recipe down the line with some neat altercations I thought of. I’m not marking this as a failure, because it came out how it was supposed to, we just don’t like meringue all that much. If you flavored the meringue more heavily, or if you just like it plain, this dish was surprisingly easy and would be impressive at a dinner party. Most of it is do ahead except for whipping the egg whites which is easy. Even the brownie recipe was simple and the whole mess only cost about 10 bucks.

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Beastie Boys – Foodies!?!?

I’ve been a huge fan of the Beastie Boys my whole life, but never realized what big foodies they were until now! I had this idea last week and have spent a lot of time on it. I didn’t foresee how much effort it would be finding all of these references and tallying them. I have now made the tally about 5 times and I am pretty happy with the totals. Before we start, let me tell you the rules I went by.

1. Brass monkey is sometimes a dance, but mostly a mixed drink. I only counted it as the drink.

2. I didn’t count the generic “drinking”, but any mention of beer or liquor was counted.

3. Things like the word juice for money or the word melon for someone’s head don’t count.

4. Fat Morton Jelly Roll is a musician, not a food.

Anyways, here I present to you my quest to collect every Beastie food reference, catalogue them by rapper, and discern who the biggest foodie is, and who the biggest drinker is. If you just want the results, scroll way down to the bottom. But if you are a fan of the boys, scroll through the lyrics and I am sure you will be laughing like I was the whole time I was making this. Normal food references are in black, while booze references are in blue. My comments are in italics, and there are links sprinkled all throughout. Some sites that helped me a lot were here, and here

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I was asleep the other night and woke up in a cold sweat. FRANKINBURGER!!!! This creature came to me in a dream and demanded to be made a reality. FRANKINBURGER!!! When asked the age-old question, the decision every man must make at a BBQ, there is a new answer. FRANKINBURGER!!!!! I really did come up with this in the middle of the night, but the next day I googled burgerdog and I did find that someone had already made one. Oh well, it’s still a fun post. And it came out pretty good. Mandi was a disbeliever, but upon first bite she changed her mind. This tastes EXACTLY how you would think. Like taking a bite of a bacon cheeseburger, and a hot dog at the same time. FRANKINBURGER!!!!!! It’s a hot dog dressed up like a burger for Halloween! FRANKINBURGER!!!!

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Brussel-Squash Mac and Cheese

This wasn’t very good, but I’m not calling it a failure. That’s because the flavor combinations were great, but the final product was a bit dry and could have been much improved. I wanted to make a mac and cheese with fall flavors, and my mind went right to brussel sprouts and squash. I wanted to brown these veggies first so the mac wouldn’t be a big mushy mess. My favorite way to eat brussel sprouts is the way heidi cooks them. I could eat a bunch of them like that as an after work snack or even as a popcorn alternative watching a movie (Realllly??? Yes!). I decided to start with this recipe, but crank the heat up so that they would brown but barely cook. That way in the oven they wouldn’t overcook and still have some of that yummy brussel crunch. P.S. I’m marking this as vegetarian because you could easily make it with olive oil instead of bacon and bacon fat.

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Sweet Potato Chips

We were both home on a rainy day scrounging around the kitchen for something to eat. Mandi found some turkey and decided to make turkey melts. “If only we had some chips” she kept saying. “Why don’t you go out and get some chips” she finally said to me. Wasn’t the point of all this to not go out in the rain? To not gear up in the whole pants and jacket wetsuit and drive the scooter in the pouring rain to the nearest store? I looked around and found a leftover sweet potato from our sushi experiments and decided to whip up some chips.  Sweet potato chips are all the rage these days popping up in stores
everywhere. I don’t like them that much, but these were another story. It took no time and was really delicious!

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Sushi Extravaganza: Part 2

I want to talk more about the raw fish thing today. If you didn’t see part 1, its here. Anyways, you would think in Bermuda that fresh fish would be plentiful, but in reality you only have 2 options. The grocery stores where most stuff is flown in and/or frozen and thawed, or from a dude on the side of the road with a cooler. The problem with the side of the road guys, is that they aren’t there every day. It seems to me that every time I feel like eating fish I don’t see them in their normal places. When I have other dinner plans, I pass 4 or 5 guys on the way home from work. The other problem with these fish guys is that I have personally heard from a source close to one of these guys that they occasionally fly in fish and pass them off as their own! So it isn’t fully trustable. Today we are using raw tuna and raw salmon. The tuna is flash frozen to a certain degree that kills bacteria. It isn’t as nice as fresh fish, but I can trust it. The salmon is fresh and local from the gourmet store here (a rare occurrence) that posts what is flown in and what is local. The fish dudes there are friendly with me and very honest about the day things are caught so I trust that as well. The purpose of this previous paragraph is really just to say trust where you get your fish! I have friends that often make sushi and have never had a problem, but don’t take the decision lightly, have a trusted source.

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Sushi Extravaganza: Part 1

I sort of wanted to make sushi for awhile, but hesitated for 2 main reasons. For one, I thought it would be kinda hard and not really turn out as good as it is in restaurants. The second reason was that I was worried about raw fish at home. I have cooked with “sushi grade tuna” before and I seared it, so I knew that stuff was pretty good but for some reason I still had reservations. Finally the opportunity came along and I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. It wasn’t all that hard to do, and the taste was amazing. Far better then most places on the island. One way to judge how much we liked it was that normally at a restaurant we drench the rolls in soy sauce and wasabi. I found myself barely dipping these rolls into the sauce because the taste alone was just so great. Today I am going to show you the set-up, and the first roll. Tomorrow will be the 4 other awesome rolls we made!

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Fresh Olive Pasta with Scallops

I had a heavy lunch yesterday, so I knew I wanted something lighter for dinner. Mandi and I started bouncing around ideas towards the end of the work day. I sort of wanted pasta, but lighter, so I wanted to make it. Also didn’t want cheese so I thought it would be a good excuse to use seafood. Then I came up with the idea: wouldn’t it be cool to have a black colored pasta to contrast with the white scallops? We hoped we could get squid ink at the store to color the pasta because generally that’s what people use to make black pasta. At the store there was no such luck. The butcher/fish mongers response was actually to laugh and say “oh you guys, always coming up with some crazy request”. We brainstormed for a bit. What if we put spinach and tomato paste, that might turn it black? We sort of decided that it would actually turn it a gross brownish. What about food coloring? I said. Mandi shot me a look. She HATES food coloring except for in cake frosting. She cried when she found out the flecks of different colored rice in Indian rice was made with food coloring. She didn’t leave the house for a week when she learned the truth about red velvet cake. Suddenly it came to me. Black olives. The cool thing was that the flavor matched the flavor profiles we were going for with this dish. We grabbed the olives and headed to the checkout.

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Shredded Pork Enchiladas

I like enchiladas. Thursday nights is usually tacos for Mandi and I, but occasionally we veer into other tex/mex/southwest foods instead. Last Thursday we did enchiladas for the premier of The Office. I realized I never posted enchiladas here, so here it is! We must have been in a baking/layering/casserole type mood cause we made lasagna a few days later.

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Soft Pretzels

Today’s post kills 2 birds with one pretzel. The soft pretzel is here to herald in the first day of October (Oktoberfest), and to welcome the beginning of the division series in baseball. I think pretzels represent both of those things pretty well. To elaborate more on the pretzel, I have asked Mandi for a paragraph:

I’ve always been rather proud of my Philadelphia food heritage. You’ve read my slice. You’ve seen my cheesesteak post. if there is one thing Philly knows, it’s food. In my opinion the two foods they do the absolute best are the cheesesteak and the soft pretzel. I could live on soft pretzels. Happily. The pretzel cart in the airport is the first place i run when i land home. There’s absolutely nothing that makes me happier then a hot, fresh soft pretzel straight from one of their many pretzel factories first thing on a crisp Philadelphia morning. Recently I was home for a week visiting the family. I’d
Estimate I had about three pretzels per day during that week. It was wonderful. Upon my return to this lovely island my body began to go through a soft pretzel withdrawal. I realized it was time to do something that Dan and I have been talking about ever since we saw Alton brown’s on good eats. It was finally time to make soft pretzels.

Go Phillies!


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Veggie Soup

Over the past 2 weeks I have had a lot of strange and exotic foods on here, so I have decided to step back a bit with some awesome yet more basic dishes for the next week. I am starting today with a nice veggie soup. This soup began in my head as a healthier cream of broccoli, but sort of turned into a huge pot of veggie party. The reason was that I wanted a lot of mirepoix to kick up the flavor, and I also wanted a potato and some cauliflower to make it extra creamy. I wanted these veggies for the extra creamy factor because I wanted it to be healthy so I was using (not much) milk instead of (a bunch of) cream. I didn’t want to use much cheese either.

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