Thai Green Curry Soup

Two curries in a row? Sorry if this bothers people, but my posts are kind of all over the place and I need to organize them. This was a random weeknight meal we decided to make as work was coming to an end one afternoon. It turned out to be a really simple and really great meal. The dumplings were not needed, and actually made the soup much more effort. If you still want meat, make the dumpling filling and cook it in the pot before adding the curry paste.

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Quick Cauliflower Curry

I haven’t quite put my finger on the word curry and its meaning. Wikipedia is no help really. For one, it’s a spice, but the spice is really a blend of other spices. Second, there are curry leaves which are a mystery to me, because wouldn’t you think curry powder would be made from this curry tree? Third, it is a name for hundreds of dishes from all over Asia that are completely different from each other! When I first started having curries, I only liked Thai curry, so as I made a few, I started to think that the meaning of curry had to do with mixing a blended paste with coconut milk, and simmering. After making a few Indian curries as well, my current definition of curry is: Curry: Any dish where you puree a bunch of sh*7 including lots of spices BEFORE cooking. Can anyone help me on that definition? I think it’s pretty accurate, but I am guessing it will become even vaguer as I continue making curry from different areas.

Anyway, today I have a quick, healthful, and delicious weeknight meal for you to check out. I saw the recipe for the cauliflower on the food and wine website a few days ago, thought it would be good with fish, and made it that night.

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Fajitas: The Perfect Meal for One

Fajitas! I have always loved them. They were a common dinner at my house when I was younger. Fajitas are pretty easy to make, and when I was on my own for dinner recently, I realized it is a perfect meal to cook for only one person! Follow these 12 simple steps, and you can eat Fajitas in less then an hour, with very minimal effort, and NO CLEANUP! You only use one small dish, one large dish, one knife, fork, and spoon. If you don’t have a grill, you will also have to dirty one pan, skillet, or grillpan, to cook the steak in the center, and the peppers/onions on the sides. This quick one-off fajita was delicious, but not my ideal fajita. Stay tuned after the quick version to see the more involved one to make with friends.

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Quiz – Fictional Chefs

I have a new quiz for you today. This is a tough one, but I am really happy with how it came out.

RULES: There are 2 points on each picture, 1 for naming the character, and one for naming their restaurant, or where they work. A perfect score is 32, but if I were to take this (before doing all the research and finding the pictures), I would get a 24. I watch a lot of TV, so lets say:

24 – 32 – Genius
15 – 24 – Pretty good
10 – 15 – Average
Less then 10 – what do you do with your time? Read? Pssh!

Remember, don’t cheat on Google!!!! I will find out.

Click Below to Start!

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Holiday Weekend Risotto

On a holiday such as Labor day in Bermuda, all of the stores are closed. On Sundays, stores are only open a few hours, so if you miss that short window, a Monday holiday can be tough. A lot of times we will go out to eat because we are unable to get any cooking supplies. Since we just moved, I was excited to see some new stores in the area. I called one and they said they were open. Considering that they have another branch near my old apartment that is one of my favorite stores on the island, I figured it would be a large store with everything available. When we got there it was tiny and had little to no fresh produce or meats. We had to pull together an idea of a meal with a meager selection. When I saw the ageing (not in a good way) meats, I immediately started thinking what I had at home. Some leftover bacon from breakfast, a few chicken tenderloins in the freezer, I can work with that. We went to the pasta section and my eye caught risotto. Lets go get some spinach! Nope, they had neither fresh nor frozen. Ok ok, hmmmm. We bought some canned artichokes, chickpeas, and surprisingly good feta and headed out.

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Pasta Fagioli

This is the way my Grandmother made Pasta y Fagioli.  It’s not traditional, but it’s what I grew up with.

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Italian Donuts

Store hours in Bermuda have caused me to be pretty creative a few times before. When everything is closed, my fridge is empty, and I am hungry, my first thought is often flour. I remembered Giada making some donuts with leftover pizza dough and I set to work.

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Chicken Poblano Panini

Sometimes to me, being on a diet dosnt mean eating really healthy. I feel that I always eat fairly healthy including whole grains and plenty of vegetables into my diet. My main problem is portion size, and eating really late at night. If we are hanging out on a Thursday or Friday night we often wont eat until 10 or later! So what I try to do when I am being good is eat before 6:30. This may seem impossible to most people, but what we do is run to the store after work, get home, and frantically pull something together in a half hour, and be sure to only make enough to have a reasonable portion. A sandwich is a perfect option. Its fast, and it is a set portion. A few days ago we made chicken poblano panini’s that came out excellent!

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Today I have some food wallpapers for all of your computers. You sit at your desk looking at so called food-porn, scour the web for recipes and images of your favorite dishes, and read about food all day, so why not pimp out your desktop a bit to show your foodie pride? The bottom 2 images do not have dual monitor versions because they didn’t look right, but the other pepper dual monitor wallpaper has both peppers in it, one for each screen! For dual monitor people- remember to set as ’tile’ to allow it to span both screens, if you just right click and say set as desktop background it will be set to ‘center’ and will not look right. You need to go under display properties to change it.

I am really happy with the way this set of wallpapers came out, but if you don’t like any of these, be sure to click on the wallpaper tag on the left to look at some previous ones I’ve posted. Please comment if you use any of these on your computer!


   2960 X 1050   2560 X 1024   1680 X 1050                   2960 X 1050   2560 X 1024   1680 X 1050
  1280 X 1024   1024 X 768                                          1280 X 1024   1024 X 768

2960 X 1050   2560 X 1024   1680 X 1050                    2960 X 1050   2560 X 1024   1680 X 1050
1280 X 1024   1024 X 768                                          1280 X 1024    1024 X 768 


2960 X 1050   2560 X 1024   1680 X 1050                   2960 X 1050   2560 X 1024   1680 X 1050
 1280 X 1024   1024 X 768                                          1280 X 1024    1024 X 768

1280 X 1024   1024 X 768   1680 X 1050                  1280 X 1024   1024 X 768   1680 X 1050

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Lamb Vindaloo

Vindaloo is one of the more authentic dishes at your local Americanized curry house. It was brought to Goa by the Portuguese. One common ingredient that is actually not traditional is potatoes. The confusion came about because aloo is the hindi word for potato! When making curry, or generally any eastern or middle eastern dish, I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to get whole spices. The key to curry is the intensity of flavor and you aren’t going to get that from curry powder. You aren’t even going to get that from ground cardamom or cumin, you have to grind them yourself! The blender works fine for this. It is fun to me tasting and smelling all of these exotic spices! Go on a vacation with your senses. Travel to the market in Goa and pick through the cloves and cardamom pods, rip a piece of cinnamon bark off the larger stick. Watch out for the camel droppings. I guess all I am saying is what I say every day. Have fun cooking and take pride in what you make. The more “scratch” you start from, the better your food will taste!! If you are going through the effort of cooking, why not add the extra 10 minutes of using the whole spices? It will cost more in the beginning, but the spices will keep their flavor for a long time because they are not already ground. Ok enough ranting.

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