Meat – on – a – stick

Ever go to a BYOF BBQ? 
Ya know, when your friend says “Hey man, come by tonight, we’re gonna fire up the grill and you can bring some meats or whatever you want to throw on there.”  When this happens what do you end
up bringing?  I bet the answer is a
burger or hot dog.  Now not that those
things aren’t delicious but I think it is much more fun to bring something like
this.  This particular day we weren’t
going to one of those BBQ’s, we were going to the beach, but this is a great recipe for one of those situations.

Chicken Tuscany

About 2 and a half years ago, my mom found some random recipe
online.  It was really simple and
delicious she said.  So I decided to try
it out for a dinner party.  It was our
first dinner party ever, Mandi Rich and I fresh out of college living in Allston, MA
and having 5 people over after work on Thursday to watch the office.  Mandi and I worked on the meal while Rich
(1/2 of design team) cleaned up and prepped for the guests.  As we ate, we all just laughed the entire
time.  This was the best food any of us
had ever tasted!  I think that moment
caused me to get more into cooking because seeing the joy on everyone’s faces
was really awesome.  These days, I make
this meal occasionally and it always reminds me of that night.  It is no longer the best thing I have ever
tasted since my palate has changed and I have eaten much more types of foods
since then, but it always brings me back to those days on Lorraine Terrace.

Does anyone remember that party?  Was it as good as I remember?  Or was I just drunk… Anyways, the recipe is
.  It is called chicken Tuscany although I don’t think it has anything to do with
Tuscany.  We decided to put a Jamie Oliver risotto
recipe with it.  Before I get into the
food part, I found 5 pictures from that party a few years back that I want to
share with you.


Sliders are a popular option at so many restaurants these
days, but did you know they are extremely easy to make at home?  Some weary travelers were set to arrive at my
house around 4 and we weren’t going to be having dinner until close to 9 so I
knew they would need a snack.  I thought
this would be just the thing to get them going.

Flank Sandwich

Flank Sandwich

Last Friday, Mandi was away and I had a friend coming over
to play Mario Kart before we headed out for the night.  I wanted to throw something simple on the
grill, but I also wanted something awesome. 
Not just a steak or burger, something a little different.  The idea hit me at about 3pm out of nowhere
and I ran with it.


As I was making these meatballs, I was a bit worried about
posting the recipe.  My mother told me
the recipe, as my grandmother had given it to her.  I didn’t know if there was some sort of
embargo or block on passing it out for all to see.  Would I be blacklisted by my family and never
given any recipes again?  No more Gnocchi
secrets or Lasagna tips?  No more making tortellini’s
for the holidays?  I didn’t know what to
do.  Then last night I was watching Molto
Mario (Re-Runs on fine living!) and the weight was lifted!  Mario made meatballs almost the exact same
way as my family!  This did 2 things, for
one, it made me proud because Mario is as authentic as you can get for Italian food,
and 2, it released the ban on the recipe because it is no secret, its already
out there for the world to see via Mario Batali.

Chicken Pot Pie

With the warm weather and summer feeling here in Bermuda, It may seem odd that I am making chicken pot pie.  There are however 3 main reasons for making
it.  1. We needed to re-up on chicken broth
in the freezer and pot pie is the perfect thing to make the day after making
broth. 2.  It is still a bit cold in Massachusetts where most
of my friends live so they can make this. 
And 3. We got a cool new knife rack for the kitchen and we needed Gareth
to help hang it for us.  Having concrete
walls, it is tough to hang everything and Gareth can do it easily.  He always asks us for things like chicken pot
pie, shepherds pie, and bangers and mash, so we thought it would be a good way
to get him over and help us.

Post Beach BBQ

This is probably our favorite after beach BBQ.  We make it after a long day of beach when you
need something hearty and flavorful, yet light and summery at the same time.  My parents were down visiting and we had just
gotten back from a long day at the beach. Click below for more

Pork Belly Macaroni and Cheese!

Mandi and I had been wanting to make mac and cheese for a
week or 2.  We knew we didn’t want to go
out on the weekend but rather keep it low key so we decided to make the macaroni
and cheese on Friday night and watch the top chef I had downloaded.  On Thursday while shopping for tacos, I was
minding my own business in the store when what did I see but a pack of
beautiful slabs of pork belly!  This is a
rare find in Bermuda so I snatched it up without
even thinking of what we would do with it. 
After brainstorming for a bit, we decided to incorporate it into the mac
and cheese we had been craving.  We decided
that a BBQ Sauce flavor would help bring the pork belly and mac and cheese
together as one.  It is hard for me to do
this post today because now I am craving this again! It was one of the best
things we have made in a very long time and now im starving for a huge scoop of
pork belly mac and cheese! Click below, you will be glad you did

Tuna With Pesto

Since there was a public outcry after my last healthy post (apparently
2 slices of bacon makes you a fatty) I decided to post another one today.  Sometimes when I am trying to be healthy, I
ruin it because I crave pasta all the time. 
I generally do not like whole wheat and whole grain pastas.  For some reason however, when I put a pesto
on a whole grain pasta, I really enjoy it.

This recipe is a combination of Giada’s Swordfish and
Spaghetti with Citrus Pesto
, Heidi’s Pesto techniques, and some tweaks of our
own (putting the citrus in the fish instead of the pasta, using whole grain
pasta, fish selections).  I find it
important to cite my sources so that I don’t pull a Cindy McCain.  I’m so Topical!

Click below for the recipe and pictures.


Mandi loves cheesesteaks. 
She has been dying to share her recipe and process here with everyone.  So much so, that we needed to take pictures 3
SEPARATE TIMES in order to get them perfectly right!  That was fine with me because they are so
delicious that I don’t mind eating them multiple nights in a week. Click below for more!

Fish – In – A – Bag!

Fish – In – A – Bag!

The most common question asked of me by friends is this – “what’s
a quick, easy, healthy, and delicious dinner I can have after work tonight?” What
do you guys think I am, Rachael ray?  Well
guess what!? You’re all in luck! I am on a diet since bathing suit season
starts in a week or 2 here in Bermuda. (Even
though actual Bermudians refuse to go to the beach until May 25th.)
So I will have some healthy weeknight dinners up here in the next few
weeks.  Now don’t worry, they won’t all
be healthy.  I have a few posts I made
pre-dieting that I am waiting to post.  Also,
my diets are short because they are intense.

I’m rambling, so without further a due, my FAVORITE fast
easy delicious and super-ancient-whole-grain-run-a-mile-punch-a-baby-healthy meal!  Fish-in-a-bag!

Some of my friends right now are saying “Fish?  Really? 
I mean… I don’t really like fish.” To you I say shut up and make this
and you will LOVE it.  Unless you mess it
up somehow which you probably will.  Jeez
my friends are dumb… just kidding friends!

Click below for more!!

Cookin’ Up Some Quack

Today I have a guest post from the design team.  Rich and Kim had a few friends over Rich and
Mike’s apartment and served them a delicious looking duck dinner.  When a bunch of friends get together like
this, it makes me wish I could be back in Boston
hanging out with them.  But in a few
weeks, I will be making them jealous with weekly beach trips so it isn’t so
bad.  Rich’s comments will be in green,
and I might make a few in black.

“Cookin’ Up Some Quack”

Kim, Mike, Steph, Alex, Amy, and I were the 6 party people
on Friday…  good thing there weren’t any more people than that, even
though I invited 5 other people who couldn’t come.  The amount of food
ended up literally being just enough and there was only 1 piece of Duck left