Mexican Party

Last weekend was the 7th annual Mexican party
hosted by Amy and Cheryl.  Mandi and I
were lucky enough to go last year, and this year TFIMB was the corporate
sponsor (without actually giving any money). 
A great time was had by all and I took some pictures of the
festivities.  There will be no recipes
today except for one vague one for the pork that everyone requested.

Dan:  hey you think i
could get the pork recipe for the post today?   im not going to put
up any recipes except that one cause it was such a big hit.

Amy: There wasn’t a recipe actually.  I put a Mexican dry rub on it that I bought
at Target (Archer Farms).  In the bottom
of the pots, I put a mixture of orange juice, lime juice, garlic and
oregano.  Roasted at 425 for about a half
hour to brown a bit, then took it down to 300 for about 5 hours.  Each Boston Butt was about 5-6 lbs.  Oh my god, I’m hungry!

Chili Cheese Corn Dog Fries!?!?

My sister has made the most heart attack inducing,
cholesterol raising, trans-fatty incredible meal that she wanted to share with
the world the only way she knew how, with a guest post on TFIMB!  She will take over for the rest of the post
and I may have some comments in red.

Since the 1st Celtics playoff game vs. the Atlanta Hawks,
there has been a feeding frenzy at my house.  One of our regular group,
who has been there for every game, could easily take on Kobayashi in a hot dog
eating contest. Since the beginning of the playoffs, he’s been talking about
the chili and cheese corn dog fries that he saw on Phantom Gourmet.  My
promise was that they would happen when we made it to the finals.  Well,
here we are, game 2: the C’s vs. Lakers.  

Taco Burgers!

Mandi always claims she hates burgers.  I think one of the reasons is that when I make
them, they always end up huge and have no direction.  I put in whatever is in the fridge and they
end up tasting more like meatloaf than cheeseburgers.  Now that grilling season has begun, I am
trying to make more focused burgers and turn around Mandi’s opinion. My first
attempt was a taco burger.  An obvious
choice due to her love of tacos!

Beef Stroganoff

I think Beef Stroganoff is kind of a wintery meal for most
people.  For Mandi, she craves it when
she is sick.  I know in the afternoon
when she isn’t feeling too well.  She
says to me, “can you make me something yummy and eggy noodley tonight?”  I hadn’t made her stroganoff in awhile so I
decided to go a different way with it which was a real risk because if Mandi is
in the mood for something, it can be very specific.  I wanted to make a Jamie Oliver recipe I saw
him make on the mushroom episode of Jamie at Home.  I usually make this sans mushrooms but I
wanted to add some today.  I did not have
the fresh mushrooms or venison he uses, but I was looking more for a method

(Note about the recipe. 
It is really lame that this recipe is only available in the US.  It doesn’t even make sense to me.  I just had my friend who lives there get it
and email it to me.  I was going to post
it on here but I don’t want the food network or Jamie to get mad at me!!)

Thai Grill and Basil Fried Rice

Ive been craving thai flavors every day for the past 2
weeks.  The problem is the thai place
here is very limited.  It is so awesome,
but there isn’t a ton to choose from.  In
a totally unrelated note, I’ve been seeing grilling on food network and on the
blogs every day.  This time of year,
grilling is the hot topic.  I love
grilling, but I am always seeking out things that aren’t the normal grilling
fare.  I decided to marinate some steaks
in a green curry paste, grill and serve them with a thai style basil fried
rice.  Searching on google for basil
fried rice, I found this awesome video of two women making a great fried rice
exactly how I wanted.  We used the Jamie Oliver green curry recipe we usually use for thai recipes to marinate the
steaks.  I had really wanted to use a
flank steak for this meal, but apparently Bermuda was out of flanks steaks and
I had to settle for the more expensive and, IMO, less delicious tenderloin.

Black Bean Avocado Bowl

I wasn’t sure what to call this really…  Quinoa salad? 
Mexicany rice bowlish thing?  I settled
on Black bean avocado bowl.  It came
about when Mandi and I were brainstorming about quick easy healthy weeknight
meals we could completely make AND eat in a half hour and run after.  This would actually be great as an
alternative to pasta salad at a BBQ and would also travel really well, but we just
had it as a quick and healthy weeknight dinner.

Midnight Fry Session

We ate so bad this weekend… how bad did you eat?  We ate SOOO bad this weekend that we kept oil
on the stove at all times in case we had the urge to fry!  And fry we did.  This particular fry session was around 12:30 on
fry-day night (he he). 

Memorial Day Brisket

Impulsive Purchases. We all have them. Most grocers put
candy and gum by the register to promote impulsive purchases.  It works on Mandi; she always leaves the
store with a candy bar.  I think they
should put the meat section right at the registers because I would always leave
with extra meat.  All of my impulse buys
happen to be large chunks of meat!  My last
one resulted in this
.  This past Saturday
I called Mandi from the store:

Me: Hey
Mandi: what’s up
Me: nothing.   Ummm   I just bought a brisket.  I don’t know why.
Mandi: uhhh  sweet?
Me How the hell do you cook a brisket
Mandi: I don’t know
Me: Go online and get me a recipe so I know what else to
Mandi: Naa, Im gonna go back to watching friends half
awake.  SEEYA!

Luckily, I had everything I needed at home!  Thanks to a loosely followed Paula Deen
, we were in business.

Seared Tuna Taco

I have really wanted to sear tuna lately.  Why? I have no idea.  For some reason it has been one of those
dishes that gets stuck in your head and you can’t stop thinking about it until
you finally make it yourself!  But what would
we do with this seared tuna?  I didn’t really
want to put it in a salad.  The brainstorming
began at 2:30ish between Mandi and I over email.  Mandi wanted avocado because Thursday is
usually taco night and if she couldn’t have tacos, some avocado would at least
ease the pain.  I thought mangos would be
a nice compliment to the lightness of the tuna. 
After looking for awhile online, I was reminded of a raw tuna nacho
appetizer I had at Mesa Grill in New
.  I saw a
recipe that included an avocado and a chipotle crema and decided to make these,
wing a mango salsa, and put it all on a corn tortilla.  The results were delicious!


Calzones are the oft neglected brother of the pizza.  When faced with the option of calzone or
pizza, most people I know would choose the pizza.  But what most people don’t realize is that at
home it is 10 times easier to recreate a delicious takeout calzone then it is a
takeout pizza.  And what’s better is you
can do it with leftovers!  Last night we
made these calzones because we had made pizza over the weekend and had
pepperoni, peppers and onion leftover. 
Mandi made some cheesesteaks for a work event and had a bunch of
leftover cheesesteak filling.  These
would also be good with a filling of leftover Buffalo wings, pasta, sausage,
chicken parm, taco meat, or really anything you could think of!  My opinion is that the wackier the filling
the better the calzone. (Disclaimer: this is the opinion of Dan only and not
the opinion of Mandi. Also TFIMB is not responsible for your awful chicken
parm-pad thai-taco-mozzarella stick calzone with orange flavored dipping sauce)

Quiz – Cereal Mascots

Because my last quiz was so popular, and also because I am a
little behind in the cooking department, I have another one for you all
today.  Today’s quiz asks you to guess
the cereal name, and mascot name, for each of the cereal mascots below.  There are 20 pictures and therefore 40 available
points for correctly naming the mascot shown and what cereal he sold.   Scroll down after the pictures to see the
answers.  Some are very obscure and one
is fictional so don’t feel bad if you miss some.  Feel free to post your score below if you
think you are smart.  If you get above
30, lay off the sugar in the morning! Click below to start the quiz.