No-Knead Pizza Dough

Everyone on the internet knows about and has made the no knead bread recipe, but what about the pizza dough? Since I have had some success recently with the no knead bread, I decided to try the pizza version out. I went to Co. last time I was in NY, and loved the pizzas there, so I figured it could work. (Co. is where the no-knead guy Jim Lahey makes pizza). There was one main thing I was worried about. I have made a lot of pizza, and my recipe for dough is very involved. If this no-knead method works, does it mean I have wasted over 20 hours of my life making pizza dough with a double knead-autolyze period?

The short answer is yes, it works, but this recipe isn’t for everyone. The dough is VERY wet. I normally use a wet dough, but this thing is soaking. I would almost go as far as calling it a batter instead of a dough! Because of this, you need to be a pizza expert to be able to make pizzas. (good thing I am). The time saved not kneading, was wasted later swearing at the dough trying to get it to cooperate. This dough would not have gone over well at my more hectic pizza parties in Bermuda, and more pizzas would be in the trash than in the oven. I even threw away about 4 of them, one sad one had the toppings on it and everything. My friend at the party made pizzas for years professionally and couldn’t even get the thing shaped. The pizzas came out great though. But were they better? That is a hard call to make. I was using my normal dough in Bermuda with my sick wood fired brick oven. These were just on a pizza stone at 550. For now I am going back to kneading, but i may revisit this recipe again in the future.

Flour and yeast. Add water, mix, walk away. 10 times easier than my other way.

Halfway through the rise, I split it into two containers because it was overflowing.

Bubbly awesomeness. Normally my pizza dough rises 2 days in the fridge. This rose one day at room temp.

So wet you could pour it.

You need to make it into pizza sized balls to rise longer.

Rare shot of my room, there was no space in the kitchen! Note the dirty laundry and pile of assorted colors of sunglasses.

The pizza on the stone.

Very tasty!

Here is that no knead pizza dough recipe, proceed with caution!


  1. Only 20 hrs of your life spent making pizza dough. I doubt that. More like 20 days. I’m sure that pizza was still good. It’s your specialty.

  2. I usually use a no-knead pizza dough recipe, but not Jim Lahey’s (it’s the one dough I make over and over again from ABin5). Mine isn’t quite pourable, but it is awfully sticky. Do you par-bake before you put the toppings on? My method, lately, has been to par-bake on parchment (easy transfer from peel to stone), then remove from oven, add toppings, finish directly on the stone, no parchment.

  3. The linked recipe would just about make flour soup! Seriously. Converting to weight:
    3 Cups (KA Bread) flour (@ 125 grams per cup) = 375 grams
    1.5 Cups Water (@236 grams per cup) = 354 grams
    354/375= 94.4% Hydration!
    Try it again with 318 grams of water (85%).
    Also, by my calculations these amounts would make two 12″ NY style crusts. Four would be really “stretching” it.
    I’ll mix dough like this, leave it out at room temp for an hour or so and give it one more stir with a fork and into the fridge for three to ten days… Easy and unbelievably good.
    You might find this and the forum helpful. These are serious pizza people!

  4. very very interesting and would love to try this! Can you show us what the crust looks like inside? Would like to see the holes inside 🙂

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