Hot Sauce Committee Food References

I couldn’t leave my tally of Beastie Boys food references incomplete any longer! I finally grabbed the album yesterday (I haven’t purchased a hard copy of a CD in ages!) so that I could read the lyrics and figure out exactly what they are saying! At some point I will probably merge this in with the rest of them, but I think I will keep it separate for awhile. Here we go!

Make some noise

Leggo my Ego, while i flex my ego,
Sip on Prosecco, dressed up tuxedo,
Sipping coffee playing keno in the casino,
Want a lucky number, just ask Mike Dino.

-Mike +3

Yo I burn the competition like a flame thrower,
My rhymes age like wine as I get older.

-MCA +1

You must have drank a fizzy lifting drink and you got lifted.

-MCA +1

YouTube video

Parlay romancin’ into financin’, open up a restaurant with Ted Danson.
-Mike with the Curb your Enthusiasm food reference +1

Non-stop Disco Powerpack

I take sucka rappers, and put them through a strainer,
Like macaroni cause your shit sounds cheesy.

-Adrock +1

You better break a wishbone cause we’re never wack
-Adrock +1

I max and relax, champagne mojito

-Sounds delicious Mike! +1

Party’s done, microphone’s wrecked,
Wines been drunk, heads been checked,
I sneak one last profiterole and make my play,
Pass the microphone to MCA
-Yum Profiteroles. Mike +2


I thought it’d be smooth like a nice Nutter Butter,
But now I start to cringe every word that you utter.

-Do they still sell Nutter Butters? Adrock +1

Too many Rappers

Invite MC’s over my house and fix them brunch.

-MCA, what a nice guy. +1

Don’t forget the tartar sauce yo, cause it’s sad,
All these crab rappers, they’re rappin like crabs.
-Adrock +1

Like rum and mojitos,
Bullets to banditos,
Matzoh balls and soup,
Jackets and troop.

-Mike +2

All you crab rappers and hackers,
And circuit benders, tweaked out on splenda,
I take the cake, I stole the mold
That golden microphone, that’s mine to hold.
-Adrock +2

Mean muggin with the Blimpie Bluffin,
Back up off me sucka, you aint sayin nothin.

-Adrock really likes this breakfast option from the sandwich chain, he also mentioned it on the last album. +1

We come together like peanut butter and sandwiches
Mike +1

Say It

Bust your ass drunk like you slipped on a banana.

Mike +1

Don’t play no game that I can’t win

Try to play to win but now you lost,
Like clams with no tartar sauce.

-They all say this one (Including Ms. Santi White)

Long Burn the Fire

It’s Adrock rappin’ I’m back again
Like a big mac attack on your gut, and that’s wack my friend.

-Adrock +1

I take that shit serious like Jerome to grillin
-Adrock +1, not sure about this one? Tried to google for someone named Jerome who takes grilling seriously but couldn’t find it. Might not be a food reference.

I burn you to a crisp sucka back off the toaster,
I make you sick like at Kenny Rodgers Roaster.

-Adrock +2

Live round the clock like a Disco Donut
-Disco Donut, open 24 hours – Adrock +1

Photo from 14 to 42

The proof is in the pudding and the pudding’s in my pants,
You heard me rappin now watch me dance!

-Adrock +1, also, weird.

Adrock’s in the bathtub filled with chocolate fondue,
Straight up nuts, like my name was Mike Bazzini.
-Mike +1

Runnin wild like rats in the taco bell!

-Mike +1 with the awesome reference to this gross, gross, gross video that went viral a few years back.

YouTube video

Funky Donkey

Like sippin lemonade, and Arnold Palmers,
Big holiday parties like Dolly Parton
-Mike +2

Sometimes I get Pad Thai, as a starter,
My other order, Pad See Yew, is much darker.
-MCA +2

Tadlock’s Glasses

Nice in the cut, and yes I’m the slicer,
Or should I say I’m the filleter

-Adrock, cooking techniques count, +1

Watch me make it pop and now I make it sizzle,
As I flip your omlet and the B-Bizzle.
I’m like Molto Mario, they call me Tasty-D
Your Quickfire Challenge, freak the Hijiki.
You can call me chef cause it’s bonafide,
Knife skills on the block that i’m taking worldwide
WHOA! Mike. I don’t even know how to score that one! Where to start. Molto Mario was the name of Mario Batali’s show on food network from awhile back. Quickfire challenge we all know from Top Chef. Hijiki stumped even me! It’s a type of seaweed.  Um, can you guys call me Tasty-D from now on?
-Mike D +5!

You’ve got a bagel in your pants and that’s a must

-What?  There is a lot of food items in pants on this album.  MCA +1

Lee Majors Come Again

Splashing like lime juice, you’ve never seen this.

-Mike +1

Dropping bombs like a bombadier,
Cocao, he’s a chocolatier.

Mike +1

Sweet like pie, and the pie’s what I give em.

-Adrock +1

I slow roast, I’m steady tappin’
Oh yes, I guess I’m the toast of Manhattan.

-Adrock +1

Loosing it in traffic, amped up on coffee,
Like kids going wild after school for Mr. Softee,
Like a slice around the corner, Uh it’s sneaking up on ya,
Breathing down your neck it’s creeping up on ya.

-I’m calling this 3 because “slice around the corner” means pizza right?  Like -hey lets grab a slice around the corner.  Mike +3

Crazy Ass Shit

Smoked Salmon ain’t old school Lox.

No it ain’t Adam.  MCA +1

It’s Mike on the mic and I’m known to please,
Stinky, nasty, like the Head Cheese.

-Yes head cheese is in fact nasty.  But also delicious. Mike +1

The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine

Front front back back,
Sucka grab a Snack Pack.



Total: 50!
Second to only Paul’s Boutique, but if this album was as long as PB, it would probably beat it out. Also it probably deserves bonus points for being named Hot Sauce Committee right?

Mike D had it locked with 26

Adrock came in next with 15

And MCA had 7

(That leaves 2 said by all)

Even with this 11 point difference, this still leaves Adrock in the lead as the most food obsessed Beastie Boy.


  1. Party’s done, microphone’s wrecked,
    Wines been drunk, heads been checked,
    I sneak one last profiterole and make my play,
    Pass the microphone to MCA
    …I love this.
    Foodtastic post, Tasty-D! I have a feeling that’s going to stick as well as T-Bone to Costanza.

  2. The Jerome grillin’ line refers to the bbq grill-off between their tour manager Jerome and cameraman Jamie, and let me tell you Jerome takes that shit so serious, he so angry ;D its an extra on the A:IFST dvd, well worth a watch. and most definitely a food ref. 😛

  3. Tasty – D? Isnt it the reference to Mike’s wife – Tamra Davis who had her own cooking videoblog?

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