Green Curry Enchiladas

This green curry paste isn’t the most authentic thing I make, but it’s one of the first exotic recipes I ever followed and it has a special place in my cooking arsenal. The best thing about it though, is it is versatile. I have used it in many places where green curry isn’t expected, and only had great results! When I decided to make enchiladas with it, I was surprised I hadn’t thought of it before. The flavors went really well together.

I love green curry.

The recipe is linked below.

Some of the paste is cooked in a frying pan. Chicken, baby corn, and cauliflower are added to create the enchilada filling.

And used as enchilada sauce!

Yum. I was concerned about cheese mixing with the curry, but queso blanco is a nice mild cheese that meshed perfectly.

Everything is ready for the oven.

After about 45 minutes.

soo good! These tasted different yet familiar at the same time.

Green curry recipe is here
. Cook half of the paste with some chicken, baby corn, and cauliflower. Mix the other half with about 1.5 cans of coconut milk. Make enchiladas using the chicken mixture and queso blanco as the stuffing and coconut milk green curry sauce as the enchilada sauce. Add queso blanco to the top and bake for a half hour or so at 375

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