Extreme Brussel Sprouts

The best thing about the Thanksgiving we hosted at my place this past weekend, was all the amazing dishes people brought! So good in fact, that before hand I told everyone I would be stealing some for the site. The good news was that no one had any problem with this and in fact even went out of their way to take pictures and give me recipes. This first one is from Steve, who is one of the contributors over at the Mediocre Music Blog. His seemingly simple sprout recipe has a secret ingredient that makes it extreme, sriracha! This post is a little embarrasing for me actually, because my guest posters photos are better than mine have been lately!!! My excuse is that I am still learning the angles, colors and lighting of my new kitchen.

Nice shot Steve!

This is what’s called cooking flair.

All the sprouts cut side down in the sizzling hot bacon grease.

A quick trip to the oven.

The secret ingredient.

Perfectly cooked: nicely browned on the outside, but still has a bite in the middle.

Toss in the sriracha and serve.

Make sure you put a lot of sriracha in, or your friends might do some casual making fun of you for calling them “extreme”

Everyone getting in on the action. EXTREME!

In summary – bacon in, bacon out, sprouts face down in bacon grease, quick trip to the oven, bacon back in and toss with sriracha.

Make sure to check out Steve’s blog

So many people made stuff for the party, that I am going to do something that I have not done in 3 years of food blogging… Post on the weekend!!! That’s right – we’re rocking straight through till (the wheels fall off?) the day before Thanksgiving.

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