Easter Bread

I’m all for April fools day, but sometimes my ideas don’t go over well. Once I posted something on April 1st and my sister told me “never do something like that again.” I am more of a spontaneous funny guy than a planned joke funny guy. But I do love the holiday, so happy April Fools to everyone! I might have a thing or two up my sleeve for my friends later, shhh don’t tell. We’re going to a Vampire Weekend concert later today, and a Major Lazer show on Sunday. What a weekend! Due to this, I will not be posting tomorrow OR Monday. Yay for long weekends! So what about today’s post? My mom has been making this bread on Easter for as long as I can remember. Her Grandmother used to make it when she was young. It is similar to a cinnamon bun, but not crazy sweet like one. We eat it every year at brunch at my aunt’s.

Quick dye job on the eggs. The recipe to dye the eggs is on the food coloring box.

Butter on the bread.

Followed by cinnamon and sugar.

Rolled up.

Is that a braid mess-up in the front?

Like a wreath.

Put something in the middle to prevent the dough from rising wrong and closing the hole in the center.

Remove the thing in the middle before baking!

Yum. Bread.

A simple glaze of milk and powder sugar.

Fun and festive brunch item, and not very hard to make!

The bread dough she follows was pretty similar to this recipe. Instead of making rolls to braid, flatten the 3 thirds with a rolling pin, brush on butter, and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Then roll these up to make round tubes and braid. Same temp and baking time as they suggest. Also same double rise, once before braiding, once after.

Don’t eat the eggs!


  1. Two things:
    1. Vampire Weekend – Yay!
    2. Don’t eat the eggs? But why not? The recipe suggests it, so you must know something from experience

  2. To me this isn’t easter bread! I’ve seen that before but we make a savory easter bread with pepperoni, hard boiled eggs, mozz, and ricotta and it’s amazing.. 🙂

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