Colorful Wonton Gifts

Rich and Kim, also known as “Design Team” are my two really artistic and creative friends. They continually get me birthday and Christmas presents year after year that are really awesome and unique, like paintings and framed designs, not to mention all the work they have done on my website in the past. My creativity does not fare well beyond the kitchen, so I have not been able to return the favor until this cool idea I thought of. I hadn’t seen them in almost 2 months so I kinda missed Christmas, but this past weekend I gave them these colorful wontons. The green ones actually match Rich’s apartment perfectly!

All my colors. Who needs food coloring? I actually ran out of time and didn’t get to the orange and blue designs! Another time, another time.

Dried seaweed in the food processor.

Ground down to a powder, then I added olive oil.

The blueberries turned out more purple than blue.

I cooked the carrots a bit so they would blend smoothly. I kept the beets raw though. Beets lose color quick when you cook them.

Today, my palate is my palette!

Since I was making a lot of pasta dough I did it in the food processor instead of my normal “well method

After mixing the seaweed/olive oil mix into the pasta dough, things looked kind of green. I added some purple corn flour I had bought incase I needed purple, and some water. Notice in this picture it looks purple and green? After I kneaded it and rolled it out in the pasta roller, it became a nice even grey.

Spinach/olive oil mixture in the next batch of pasta.

Pureed beets. You get the idea.

My hands got stained by all these bright colors.

Next I made the wonton filling.

How awesome do these look! I am upset that I didn’t make the orange and blue ones. Also – notice I said the blueberries were a bit purple? I cheated a little and added a few drops of blue food coloring to the blueberry mixture.

The pastas all rolled out.

To combine the dough, just wet the side of one strip with water and lay the other strip over it, overlapping by a small amount. smoosh it down a bit and then roll it out in the pasta maker. Start at a wide setting so that is doesn’t squeeze right away.

Pretty and tasty!

Green for Rich, red for Kim.

I froze them and brought them over, then we all went snowboarding.

The wonton filling is ground pork, grated ginger and garlic, and chopped scallions. Salt and Pepper.

More info on making and rolling pasta dough is here.

Rich and Kim – I forgot to tell you how to cook them! As you know, the grey was made with seaweed. I have made pasta out of many things, but you never really taste the coloring agent. The seaweed smelled strongly, so I am hoping you taste it, but really hoping it isn’t overpowering. Be sure to report back to me! Anyways, I have made steamed wontons with you both, so I think you know what you are doing, but just take them out of the freezer and steam them for about 12 minutes until the pork is fully cooked. I usually do 10 minutes when they are fresh, so I am guessing 12 to 15 is enough from frozen. Eat them with a store bought dip, or feel free to drop them into chicken stock for wonton soup.


  1. Very creative and pretty! These would look so awesome in a soup. Im sure as you serve it everyone’s eye’s would just pop out as it wasn’t something they would expect 🙂

  2. Thanks Dan! I can’t WAIT to eat em’ up.
    Although, they look so awesome I feel like I have to save em for a special occasion.

  3. I’m a little nervous about the Seaweed, but I’ll still try them and let you know how they tasted.
    Thanks so much.
    Kim’s right, though, they look so awesome (especially cuz they match my Studio so well 😉 ) that I want to make sure I eat them with other people on a special occasion…

  4. hey i’m looking for a pasta machine like the one you have? where could i get a relatively cheap one with the roller and linguine attachments and such?

  5. Molly –
    I haven’t bought one in a long time, so I am unsure where a”cheaper” one would be sold. Have you checked out the obvious ones like triple B?

  6. So, I tested them out last night.
    First, steaming them from their frozen state took about 20 minutes – I was using Chicken broth as the liquid.
    Second, the flavors of the Seaweed and Spinach I could hardly notice (which is a good thing, because I HATE Seaweed, the food, but LOVE Seaweed, the character from “Hairspray.”)
    Enjoy, everyone…

  7. Am wondering if the beet coloring ran in the sauce? It’s the biggest problem I have with working with beets.

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