Downtime is awesome! No, it sucks real bad. Sorry guys. I have been working on something I want to show you next week, but it has been messing with my cooking, posting, and even website uptime, as seen yesterday from 3pm till midnight. Everything will be better soon.  Anyways, today I want to show you a quesadilla I made yesterday. I made this with the standard ingredients of a cobb salad. We actually made 2 quesadillas that day, so I am saving my ‘dilla story till I post the other one next week.

I made my own tortillas for this meal. It is actually super easy to make tortillas and they taste 10 times better than store bought. The numbers are tablespoons of shortening. I wish they sold shortening in smaller sizes! I use it like twice a year and always end up throwing some out.

Cutting the tortilla dough into peices.

I have had homemade tortillas a couple times, and I have noticed one of the main downfalls is that they are too thick. Use a rolling pin on these and make them super thin.

The first side gets a bunch of small browned dots.

The second side gets a few larger browner dots.

The sign of a good tortilla is that it bubbles up.

Tomatoes and hard boiled eggs. Two staples of the cobb salad.

Homemade tortillas. So good.

A smear of avocado on top, followed by lettuce.

Super tasty.

There isn’t really a recipe for this, just prepare all the ingredients(chicken, bacon, tomato, hard boiled egg, cheese, avocado(on top) and lettuce(on top)) and assemble it into a quesadilla! I got he tortilla recipe from this site.


  1. So I totally love this quesadilla idea! And I notice that the Foodie Fight page is a wee bit different… does that mean we’re getting closer to a comeback?? I hope so!

  2. Looks very similar to a huarache(sp?) with all the lettuce on top, except I think they use masa instead of flour.
    Looks good, though, may have to rock my own tortillas.

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