Candy Bar Pie

To finish off pie week, I have the perfect Halloween dessert! This is the second dessert I have made that is inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. This one I never tried though, I just saw it and it made my mouth water. Last year at Halloween I made a bunch of candy bars, and I realized that this pie would be 10 times easier!   Normally I don’t cook ahead of time for holidays, but this one was so good I decided to make it early and freeze it for the party so that you guys can all make it for your Halloween parties too. I will let you know how it freezes, but I am guessing well cause people freeze candy bars all the time.

Oreo crust, cause why not?

This is an eggless peanut butter nougat. I actually messed up the recipe pretty badly, but it still came out good.

Yum. I cant wait to roll up 2 pies deep to a party.

Making the caramel.

Chocolate and pretzels for the top layer.


This was… really really good.

I had to try at least 1 piece right? I guess I will be rolling up 2 pies minus one slice.

This is going to be a huge hit at the party! Rich, feel free to forward this to people as incentive to come next week.

I followed this vegan nougat recipe, but with real milk, dried milk, and butter instead of the soya stuff. Instead of adding wheatgerm and vanilla at the end, I added a whole jar of crunchy peanutbutter. The reason I folowed a vegan recipe was that I knew some people who are going to be at the party don’t eat eggs.

Followed this recipe for the caramel layer.

Oreo crumbs and butter make the crust, and melted chocolate with pretzels make the top.


  1. You need to start mass producing that. You’d make a killing. I don’t even like sweets and it looks awesome. I bet the pretzles on top not only give it some crunch, but a little bit of satly to compliment all that sweet…

  2. Awesome!! Trying it out this week! BTW just so I don’t screw this up, how did u mess up the nougat so bad? What happened?

  3. Oh my, that looks to die for! And thanks for the vegan link, I’m gonna try it that way and see what happens. Yummy!

  4. Is there some kinda rule that requires you to include pretzels in all of you Halloween candies? just sayin..
    your pretzel hatin’ sister

  5. Kristin – I actually started out making the caramel layer and the sugar didnt burn so I just dumped in the milk and powdered milk. Then it wasnt coming to ‘firm ball’ (my stove kinda sucks) so I just dumped in the peanut butter and tried to heat it up more. THEN the PB started boiling and spitting hot peanutbutter balls in my face so I just gave up… but like i said, it still came out good. I highly suggest the nougat recipe I used last year if you are cool with eggs, otherwise try the one linked and let me know how it comes out if done right!

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