Amy, an old regular on this blog, and a good friend of mine from the Bermuda days, was in Boston this past weekend and we hung out a bunch. We were particularly excited to cook together at Riches apartment since we used to cook all the time in Bermuda. Wondering what to make, we kinda wanted to come up with something Asian and Italian at the same time. Drunk one night we decided on peppersteak stuffed shells, but the next morning wandering around the Italian section of boston, small batch salami and pungent red sauces started to take over the brain. I get so overwhelmed by olfactory hues! We carried over the peppersteak idea but put it into a classic Italian braciole!

Some broccoli for inside the braciole. It needs to be mostly paste with some small chunks.

I roasted my own peanuts for this meal, but if I made this again I might use honey roasted peanuts to add some sweetness to the dish.

Ingredients to give the sauce a slightly different tang. The sauce was just some onions sauteed, followed by ginger, garlic, and jalapeno. Add the tomatoes, some salt and you’re done.

I sliced the flank steak open so it was thinner and longer.

Salami and broccoli.

Don’t forget the peanuts. I was worried at first if peanuts would go with tomato sauce, but I found out there is a common African stew that features both.

Pop it into a pan and add sauce to halfway up the pan. Awesome.

The unveiling.


This meal was great, but I saw the need for improvement. While we only wanted a slight hint of asian flavors, there wasnt really any at all. Next it could have used some sweetness to counteract the bitter broccoli and peanut flavors. It was still great, just next time i would either add some honey, molasses, and soy sauce to the broccoli in the blender, or use honey roasted peanuts instead of roasting my own. Just a little change like that would have elevated this dish to way above what it was.

The sauce was just some onions sauteed, followed by ginger, garlic, and jalapeno. Add the tomatoes, some salt and you’re done. Roll up in the beef: salami, broccoli, cheese, green onion and peanuts.  350 for 2 hours.  Like i said, it needed some sweet and some umami, so next time I would add honey, molasses, and soy sauce to the broccoli mix in the blender or food processor.  You could also use honey roasted peanuts.


  1. It was great cooking together again! My sentiments about the overall taste of the dish are the same. But it was a great effort and fun nonetheless.
    I love the concept of having your veggies in the middle of the dish instead of as a side or afterthought.

  2. Italian and Asian seem really opposite in terms of flavor profiles, even with the similarities of noodles/rice, meat and produce. Soy sauce and tomato sauce just seem so at odds, it’ll be interesting to see if you can fuse them.

  3. The tomato sauce is really really good. I used the leftovers with garlic bread and pasta, and the next night with raviolis… mmmm
    but the BROCiole I’d only give a B/B-…

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