Broccoli Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes

My blogger rival Macheesmo is feeling very charitable, donating one dollar to clean-up efforts in Nashville for every comment on this post from Saturday. I feel the need to tell you guys this because he is willing to donate up to 200 bucks, but at the time of this posting, he only has 60 comments! I need all of you guys to help out and make sure that he has to spend every last dollar! He IS my rival after all! Head over to macheesmo and make a comment. Now how about this delicious potato? I made these awhile back for a party I catered but never had the chance to get them up on the site.  I cooked them again this past Saturday and they were just as awesome.

First I blanched the broccoli stems and florets in salted water. I blanched the stems longer. Next I food processed the stems for awhile, and added the florets after so they would be a little chunkier(but not much).

Bake the potatoes until tender, then cut in half and remove the middles, leaving the skins intact. You guys know how to make twice baked potatoes. Why am I explaining this part? Anyways, mash the potatoes really well so that the mixture will fit though a piping bag. Then mix it with the broccoli, some butter, and cream. Add a ton of shredded cheddar.

I piped the filling really tall on these. Yum!

They kinda shrunk in the oven cause of all the cheese.

Really tasty. Cheesy and awesome.

Had it with some steak and a nice salad. Fantastic meal.

I did 6 medium sized white potatoes. About half cup cream and half stick butter. 2 broccoli stalks, and 8 oz of cheese. Follow the advice from above on putting it all together.


  1. INTENSE DROOLING! These look amazing. Will have to try — I haven’t made twice baked potatoes in forever!

  2. Broccoli is my mortal flavor enemy, so this entire post is a threat to my enjoyment of life. Please avoid all broccoli in the future.

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